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The question on what to do with Ghost is two fold. The first part is what should he get paid for his past seasons and his potential future seasons. That would be fair value, ideally we would under pay since the Flyers take most of the risk in a long term deal.

The second question is where you see Ghost fitting in with the crop of promising defensemen. Then you must decide if you are willing to give up the ability to sign one of the other guys to keep Ghost. Right now I think that in 3 years Provy, Myers, Gudas and Morin will all be more valuable than Ghost. Sanheim maybe even, and for that reason I bridge him and trade him in the final year. He is not in the long term plans for me just because I think we have so many players who will command more value than he.

Dan Heaning

Thanks for reading and the thoughtful comment. I agree with a lot of what you wrote. I do think Gostisbehere has a role in the future of the team as their puck-rushing defenseman and power play quarterback. Perhaps Provorov, Myers and Sanheim could take that over in time. However, the way the game seems to be going collecting as many puck-moving blueliners is vital. Look at the success of Pittsburgh last season and Nashville this postseason. He might have to be traded during that last bridge year for a number of factors, though. What do you think is too much to give Gostisbehere in a contract?

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