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Maureen Romero

The 16 year old keeper from the academs name is Tomas, not Travis

Chuck Booth

Apologies. That was a typo when writing this.


With the league rules being what they are, there is no reason to sell Blake. It doesn't help provide any additional funds to the first team.

As of the last CBA, teams could only funnel about $650,000 of a transfer fee into player allocation (this might’ve been upped slightly in 2016 with the new CBA, but it won’t have gone up far). Plus the league would take approximately 1/3 of the fee as well.

So should the Union sell Blake for $6 mil, the league would take $2m, the team budget would get $650k, and Sugerman would pocket $3.35m. He could use that money to invest in the stadium, pay the teams taxes, rent a helicopter, whatever, but it doesn't get allocated to the salary budget.

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