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Bobby Abreu: Top 10 Phillie of All Time & Today's Top Baseball Slideshows

Posted by Jorge Suarez

Normally, I would do this once a week, but there were a couple today that just cannot be ignored, due to their high quality.

Bobby Abreu

Power Ranking the Top 100 Philadelphia Phillies of All Time

In this 106-slide slideshow, Bobby Abreu is in the top 10, Jose Mesa is ranked well ahead of Roy Halladay, and there is a random "honorable mention" between #12 and #13 to put Ryne Sandberg ahead of Chase Utley and between #99 and #100 to put Cliff Lee ahead of Roy Halladay.  Plus, the "Ryan Madson of the 1970s and 1980s" is appropriately ranked ahead of the real Ryan Madson.  For good measure, Randy Wolf is ranked ahead of Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee.

MLB Rumors: Will the Phillies Replace Jimmy Rollins With Jose Reyes in 2012?

In this piece, there is the brilliant idea to replace Jimmy Rollins with Jose Reyes after the 2011 seasson.    The author believes that "Rollins might want to focus more on himself this season rather than the team."   Good idea, Jimmy, so you are not let go in favor of Jose Reyes, who is known for always thinking of himself.  Additionally, Rollins' declining stolen bases have become a problem, the author states.  "Imagine the numbers he could put up if Davey Lopes was still around."

The Fred Wilpon Interview You'll Never See...(But Wish You Did!)

In this piece, the author says, "**Obviously this is a parody and not to be taken too seriously!"  In this "obvious" attempt at humor, the author suggests the Mets paid off the woman that Johan Santana allegedly sexually assaulted, that Madoff money was to help pay for Oliver Perez, and that Mets' closer Francisco Rodriguez "beat the crap" out of his father-in-law.   Hilarious indeed.



A Poor Man's Guide to Spring Training - After the Final Outs

Posted by Tony Galante

Now we have all seen the so-called “guides to spring training,” the aforementioned travel packages, the hot spots, where to eat, what to do.  We get it.  Everyone goes to Lenny’s for breakfast.  Tremendous.  There’s one of the nicest beaches in all of American right nearby. 

You know what the difference is between Clearwater Beach and Sea Isle City?  You can watch the sun set over the water instead of watching it rise.  That’s it.  There are amusement parks nearby?!?  Really? 

So, do yourself a favor.  Check out some of the places you won’t necessarily find on your typical Spring Training To Do lists.

My personal favorite, and long time of favorite of the heart and soul of our Phillies, Harry Kalas, is the dog track.  Derby Lanes, located about twenty minutes away from Bright House Field.  These greyhound races last mere seconds but remain one of the most exciting events to wtiness.  And who doesn't love a little gambling?  Shortly after Harry the K passed, his son recounted their final visit to Derby Lanes.   After having a not so great night, "We'll go get them another night," Todd told his father.  "No, I think this is last time I come out to Derby Lane," Harry replied. 

For those of you who are "morally opposed" to the whole idea of dog racing, I am sure you can go and there and adopt one or something.  They also have Poker upstairs.  Derby Lanes can singlehandedly finance an entire Spring Training Trip.  Just remember, put a line on the longshot and bet the favorites in a quinella and you are set. 

All along the beach there are literally hundreds of bars and night clubs.  Now, I prefer any of the dozens of dive bars where you can sit down, smoke a cigarette (INDOORS?!?!?) and pay a reasonable price for a beer and a shot. 


However, since it’s vacation.  Let’s go all out.  Shephard’s Beach Resort, or, "The Paris Hilton Night Club" as I like to refer to it, is by far (and sadly) the fanciest place I’ve ever been to.  If the name did not give it away, it is located right on the beach. 

Leave the jerseys at home for this one.  Although, while jerseys are not allowed, they will allow a mustard stained plain white tee that you were wearing under the jersey, so you know.  Shephard’s also is home to the single most expensive hotel rates that I have ever seen.  You’ve been warned.


Dinosaur World.  While I have not actually made it inside, as they were closed by the time we got there.  The entrance alone features a life size replica of a brontosaurus with it’s leg lifted slightly off the ground.  See what you do here is you lay down and then slide your head under it’s foot while your friends take one of the most hilarious pictures ever!  I mean, come on now, a dinosaur STEPPING ON YOUR HEAD?!?!?   Does it get any better than that?

Next up, for all of you John Candy fans, Scully's Boardwalk Restaurant.  “You got my table but you're not getting my lobsters! MY LOBSTERS!!”  Scully’s is located at 190 Johns Pass Boardwalk in Madeira Beach, FL.  Not terribly close but not all that far either, especially if you are as big a fan of Summer Rental as I am.  Now, if you have never seen Summer Rental, go rent it, download it, whatever, then you can come back and finish reading this.  The rest of the boardwalk is a good time.  Elvis impersonators with the thinnest white pants you’ll ever see.  And, if you still have any money left from the dog track, there are gambling boats leaving the pier for a fun filled night out on the water.

If you are looking for some early afternoon activities there is mini golf, featuring LIVE alligators and a thrilling scavenger hunt.  There are strip malls galore.  It is always fun to see other town’s Targets and the subtle differences.  You can go to the Original Hooters or check out Pete and Shorty’s. 

There’s a Chipotle nearby, which isn’t as exciting since they have now made their way north.  However, back six-seven years ago, it was a real treat.  I recommend, when on vacation, only eat at places that don’t exist back home.  Think about if you were visiting Philadelphia and instead of going to Chickies and Petes you went to Bennigans.  Same idea. 

You can always just grab beer at the gas station and spend some time in your luxurious motel.  The soda bottle rum and cokes are also encouraged for any family friendly activities you may choose to partake in.  They are also good for the walk to the ballpark.

And of course, sure, there’s the tiki bar at the ballpark which stays open long past the final out.  Keep an eye for LA and his tray of Jager.  There is Busch Gardens nearby, Disney only a few hours away, etc etc etc.  If you are still stuck and looking for more to do find yourself one of those cheesy tourist pamphlet stands.  Typically almost always found in the hotel room lobbies you just never know what else you might find.

Did I leave off your favorite off the beat and path stop?  Fill me in!  While I go every year and like to believe I have seen everything there is to see I am always looking for new and (not so) exciting and bizarre things to do after the game ends and before the hangover kicks in.

Jorge Suarez's Weekly Slideshow Roundup

By Jorge Suarez

Many thanks to the guys who created Philliedelphia who have brought me on as the weekly slideshow correspondent.  While I may or may not maintain other writing responsibilities for another site, my contribution to this blog will be to bring to you the links to the best sports slideshows that are on the internet at this time.   Here is my first contribution, and I hope I get a medal for it!

Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training: Top 10 Things to do in Clearwater Area

I was much looking forward to this slideshow, because I don’t know what to do when I’m not at the Carpenter complex.  In this slideshow, we learn of 9 things baseball related, and one bold all-encompassing slide to take care of the rest.   But – the Florida Marlins train just 208 miles away!

MLB Spring Training: Wild Philadelphia Phillies Predictions

From the first slide entitled, “Domonic Brown” to the World Series Champs, these predictions go where no Phillies slideshow has ever gone before.  And just wait to see which Phillie will win 26 games!

2011 NL East: The Phillies Will Not Win the Division Easily

OK – now this is NOT a slideshow.  But to make his point that the division will not come easily to the Phils, the author says the “big four” will be “great but not spectacular”, and nothing like the Atlanta Braves rotations of 15 years ago.   Now that’s some perfect logic to show why the 2011 NL East will be difficult to win.

Philadelphia Phillies: 10 Reasons Ryan Howard Will Re-enter Greatness in 2011

The best slide in this is number 10: “Potential”.  Clearly, potential will translate into greatness in 2011.  I can similarly conclude that “potential” is the reason that the author will finally write a good slideshow in 2011.

MLB: Why the New York Mets Can Contend This Season

“The same core is intact, and there are plenty of fantastic new players on this team”.  But of course!  The core of 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 are all still there, and Johan Santana may even throw a pitch by August 1!   Plus, fantastic additions such as Ronny Paulino and Scott Hairston MUST make this team a contender.

2011 New York Mets: Top 14 Non-Roster Players Who May Break Major League Camp

The only reason this slideshow is awesome is that in includes a guy named “Stoner” and one named “Boof Bonser”.  That is all.

Flyers Hold On For 4-2 Win In NY

Opening Hockey Day in America, the Flyers continued their seasonal domination of the Rangers beating them 4-2 for their fourth straight win over New York. Jeff Carter and Claude Giroux both had a goal and an assist today leading Philly to victory, despite the orange and black getting out shot 39-24. The win improves the Flyers' record to 39-15-5.

After a very uneventful opening twelve minutes, the Rangers were the first team to score. Brian Boucher failed to clear the puck as the Rangers gained control of it behind the net leading to a few offensive chances. As Ryan McDonagh shot the puck wide from the point, it caromed off the boards to the slot. As Boucher just missed covering up the puck, Wojtek Wolski took a shot from the slot that leaked its way to the goalline. With Boosh unaware of where the puck was, Wolski reached behind the netminder to slam it home for his 10th goal on the season.

The first lead of the game didn't last long as the Flyers found the equalizer four minutes later. Giroux entered the offensive zone and reached the faceoff dot to the left of Henrik Lundqvist before turning back towards the blue line. While facing center ice, Giroux lofted a backhanded pass to the slot where Carter shot the puck five-hole on Lundqvist who was screened by Scott Hartnell. Carter's 27th goal on the season tied the game up with three minutes and eighteen seconds left in the period.

An opportunity for the Flyers to take their first lead of the game came just twenty seconds later as Brian Boyle went to the sin bin for cross-checking. The power play didn't result in a goal as three of Philly's shots were blocked by New York skaters and the lone power-play shot from Danny Briere couldn't find its way past Lundqvist.

As the score was tied 1-1 to start the second period, the Flyers received the first power play of the middle stanza. Derek Stepan sat in the box for a delay of game call. He'd go unpunished for his actions as the Flyers couldn't muster a power-play goal.

With their third power play opportunity of the game, the Flyers finally cashed in on the man advantage. Twenty-three seconds after Wolski went to the box for boarding Andrej Meszaros, Giroux registered his second point on the day by finding the back of the net. After Lundqvist made a great sprawling stick save to keep Carter from scoring his second goal of the game, the puck went behind the net where Carter regained control of it. As Lundqvist was still lying down on the ice from the previous play, Carter passed the puck to Giroux who put home his 20th goal of the season from the bottom of the left circle.

Chances started coming in bunches for the Flyers ultimately leading to their third goal. After initially tipping a Braydon Coburn shot from the point, Daniel Carcillo fought to regain control of the puck and put a spin-o-rama backhander on net. Lundqvist, who was on his knees from the previous save, tried moving slightly to his left opening up just enough of his five-hole for Carcillo's shot to slip through for his 4th goal of the year.

Displaying a great sense of urgency, the Rangers came out and provided strong offensive pressure early in the final period.New York's hard work paid off with a fortuitous bounce. After some cycling in the zone, a Dan Giradi shot from the point caromed off the end boards and snuck in behind Boucher in the crease. As the puck moved from the bottom left to the top right part of the crease, Stepan was the benefactor of the bounce depositing the puck in the net for the Rangers' second goal of the night. Stepan's 16th goal of the season gave the Rangers a chance to tie up the game.

The final minutes of regulation consisted of end-to-end action with both teams providing several scoring chances. In an attempt to find the game-tying goal, the Rangers pulled Lundqvist. The move ended up backfiring as Kris Versteeg netted his first goal as a Flyer hitting the wide open net with a shot from just inside the red line next to the benches.

As the remaining forty-six seconds of regulation clicked off the clock, the Flyers celebrated a 4-2 victory over their divisional foes at Madison Square Garden.   

After a soft opening goal, Boucher had another impressive outing. Highlighted with a beautiful glove/kick save combination on a Ryan Callahan in the second period, Boucher made 37 out of a possible 39 saves. He had quite the eventful third period as he momentarily injured himself after making an awkward leg save, then found himself on the wrong side of a lucky bounce. Boucher is now 15-6-2 on the season.

In an attempt to draw in more fans to the game of hockey, the Flyers visit to New York was a game that helped Hockey Day in America greatly. A day filled with non-stop hockey action, Hockey Day in America featured several games at 12:30 pm (including the Caps in Buffalo and the Red Wings in Minnesota) followed by the Blackhawks hosting the Penguins at 3:30 pm. The day will conclude with the Heritage Classic, an outdoor game where the Calgary Flames will host the Montreal Canadiens at 6 pm.

Notes:   Blair Betts sat out with a finger injury he suffered in the loss to Carolina on Friday. Sean O'Donnell left the game in the 1st period with a lower-body injury. Wojtek Wolski's first period goal was the first goal scored on Hockey Day in America. The Flyers are now 4-0-0 against the Rangers on the season and are 13-2-1 against their Atlantic division foes (PIT 3-1-0, NYR 4-0-0, NJD 3-1-1, NYI 3-0-0).

Flyers Lose While Brind ' Amour Is Honored

On a night where Rod Brind'Amour had his jersey retired by the Carolina Hurricanes, the Flyers lost 3-2 on an Erik Cole goal coming with just over three minutes left in regulation.

A Blair Betts short-handed goal along with a Braydon Coburn goal in the third were the only tallies on the night for Philly. Sergei Bobrovsky saved 26 of the 29 shots he saw on the evening. The loss kept the Flyers from sweeping their four-game season series with the Hurricanes.

Perhaps flush with Brind'Amour's spirit and coming out motivated and charged in front of their home crowd, the Hurricanes dictated the play in taking the early lead. Chad LaRose opened the scoring four minutes and twelve seconds in with a deflection that found its way past Bobrovsky. Joe Corvo released a shot from the blue line that LaRose, who was standing to the right of Bobrovsky, was able to tip past Bob's blocker and into the net for his eleventh goal of the season. Trailing 1-0, the Flyers didn't see the end of the Hurricanes' early fury.

A little over two minutes later, the Hurricanes were able to capitalize on an odd man rush and a weak save attempt by Bobrovsky. Coming up along the boards to the right of the Flyers' net, Jeff Skinner entered the zone lining up a slap shot. As he released the shot, Bobrovsky dropped to his knees allowing the puck to hit the inside of his left leg pad and enter the net between his legs for a two-goal Carolina lead. Skinner's 22nd goal on the season was assisted by Jay Harrison and saw the Hurricanes early hustle pay off as they stunned the visiting Flyers with two early tallies.

The remaining time in the first period saw the Flyers slowly cool down the Hurricanes after their red-hot start. Despite Carolina receiving power plays for a roughing call on Scott Hartnell and a hooking call on Chris Pronger, the Flyers held the Hurricanes scoreless for the rest of the first period.

The beginning of the second period didn't start out too good for Philly, but thanks to a shorthanded snipe the Flyers were able to cut their deficit in half.

After Andreas Nodl went to the sin bin for hooking, Betts entered the offensive zone creating room for himself with a quick move towards the circle right of Cam Ward. Slightly inside the circle, Betts picked the top right corner before Ward's glove could snag the puck. Betts' short-handed goal was his 4th of the season and ended a 44-game goalless drought.

In the midst of the Flyers' surge to try and tie up the game, Ward made an amazing glove save on the penalty kill to keep his team up by a goal. After a shot from the point and a Ville Leino shot at the top of the crease, Ward found himself on his back just inside the right goal post. As the puck glided towards the boards to the left of Ward, Matt Carle pinched in and let a backhanded shot loose towards the net. Pushing himself up for a brief second, Ward was able to glove the puck on the goal line to prevent the power-play goal.

The save shifted momentum as Leino went to the box for slashing shortly after. A few minutes later, the Hurricanes pressure led to both Jody Shelley and Sean O'Donnell going to the sin bin for roughing. The 'Canes were unable to take advantage of a full two-minute 5-on-3 situation leaving the Flyers with one goal to make up with only the twenty minutes remaining.

Coming out rather emotionless to start the final period, the Flyers' first chances came on the period's first power play. With Carolina's Tuomo Ruutu in the box for charging, the Flyers were able to keep a constant stream of offensive pressure on Ward and company for the majority of the power play. Several slap shots from Pronger and some shots from the top of the crease couldn't result in the equalizing goal for the Flyers.

Just as it looked like the Flyers were running out of chances and about to hand the win to Carolina, Braydon Coburn stepped up with a huge goal late in the game.

After Leino created several chances down low, he sent a spin-o-rama pass from behind the net to Claude Giroux at the top of the crease who ended up being stuffed by Ward. The puck then leaked back towards the point setting up a shot for a pinching Coburn who put the puck through traffic and past Ward for his 2nd goal of the season. The goal tied the game up with just five minutes left in regulation. 

The lead, unfortunately, didn't last long. Two minutes later the Hurricanes entered their offensive zone on a 2-on-1 led by Jussi Jokinen and Cole.  As Jokinen passed the puck from the left circle to the right circle, Cole ripped home the game-winning goal passed a sprawled out Bobrovsky with just three minutes left in regulation.

Pulling Bobrovsky in the final minutes wasn't enough for the Flyers to tie up the game as they fell to the Hurricanes 3-2.   

With Mike Richards out after warmups with flu-like symptoms and the Hurricanes' honoring Brind'Amour, the Flyers' troubles came with their inability the survive the early energy coming from the opposition. Unfortunately, two goals in the first seven minutes by Carolina forced Philly to play catch-up for the majority of the game. The Hurricanes win also kept them from being swept in their season series with the Flyers, going 1-3-0 against the orange and black in 2010-2011.

Playing an integral role in both of their trips to the Stanley Cup Finals, including their title run in 2006, Brind'Amour saw his Number 17 raised to the rafters tonight in Carolina as two of his former three teams (with the exception of the St. Louis Blues) met to play their final meeting of the regular season. He joined Ron Francis and Glen Wesley as the only players so honored by the WhalerCanes franchise.

Brind'Amour played 633 regular season games for Philly from the 1991-1992 season to January of 2000. He registered 238 goals and 366 assists, ranking ninth in club history in total points. In his 57 playoff games with Philadelphia, Brind'Amour scored 24 goals and had 27 assists while also playing an important role in the Flyers Finals' run in 1997, where he eventually led the club with 13 goals. He currently holds a franchise record with 484 consecutive games played.

Notes: Brind'Amour also won two Selke Trophies with Carolina (2006-07)...The Hurricanes had 7 power plays to the Flyers 3 power plays...The Hurricanes out shot the Flyers 29-23 tonight and out shot the Flyers in every period tonight (1st/8-6 CAR, 2nd/13-11 CAR, 3rd/ 8-6 CAR)...The Flyers went 3-1-0 against the Hurricanes on the season and are now 9-5-1 against the Southeast division on the season (TBL 1-3-0, WSH 2-0-1, CAR 3-1-0, ATL 1-0-0, FLA 2-1-0).

A Poor Man’s Guide to Phillies Spring Training

Posted by Tony Galante


Heading south for Phillies Spring Training is a pilgrimage everyone should make at one point or another (if not every single year).  However, if you were to fly down there or hop on one of the official Phillies travel deals, the only benefit you’ll truly get is handicapped parking because you are going to have pay an arm and a leg to get there. 

Listen, I don’t make a lot of money yet and I've managed to make it to Phillies Spring Training every year now for six years.  So to every borderline alcoholic who has never been: follow my lead.

Times, they are a changing.  My first trip was on a whim.  We got in our car and we drove.  No hotel reservations, no game tickets, no idea, no nothing.  That’s not going to fly these days. Nowadays, you will need to plan out your Spring Training adventure well in advance. 

DRIVE!  Who doesn't love a good old fashioned road trip? I know.  I know.  Philly to Clearwater is an 18 hour drive.  Boo hoo.  Do you know what it costs to drive to Florida?  It costs about 125 bucks in gas and maybe 25 bucks in tolls.  Split that four ways and it’s forty bucks a person. 

Care to take a guess as to flying?  Each way?  Anywhere from 150-400 dollars plus PER PERSON!  Now times that by four people and then factor in the return flight.   Plus you can’t see South of the Border, and its hundreds and hundreds of billboards, as you cross the North and South Carolina borders from an airplane. 

For an added bonus, stopping at various local eateries, waffle houses, and for some real fun, grab a cheap motel room in some backwards hick town.  We chose Jacksonville.

Next up: Don’t stay on the beach!  We’ve gotten a week’s worth of a hotel stay for what one nigh in a fancy shmancy joint on the water would cost.  The super 8 is clean, dirt cheap, it has apool and it even has an I-Hop that is open 24 hours a day right in the parking lot! What more could anyone ask for? 

Is it the nicest place in the area?  No.  Can you walk to the ball park from there?  Yes.  Ask anyone who has ever been there what a mess traffic can be over the bridge that leads to Clearwater Beach.  You DO NOT want to have to cross that multiple times a day.

Now, you are finally at beautiful Brighthouse Networks Field. (It will always be Brighthouse Networks just like the WWE will always be the WWF and Channel 10 is CBS and Channel 3 is still NBC.  Am I the only one who is still screwed up by that switch?!?) And since you walked, you’ve already saved on parking, not to mention no chance of any felony drunk driving charges if you’re not driving! 

Years ago, much like here in Philly, you could simply walk up to the ticket window and buy tickets for that days game.  This is no longer the case.  The price you pay to be a fan of the WFC.  When you purchase your tickets, do NOT buy actual seats.  BUY BERM SEATING.  It is cheap and a really is a fun place to sit in the outfield fighting for homerun balls.  Plus, it’s a general admission ticket, which means you can spend your time anywhere in the ballpark you so choose (Read: if you are early/lucky enough, you can just grab a seat at the tiki bar in the outfield).

So now you have finally gotten to Clearwater.  You are all checked in at the Super 8.  The game ended two hours ago and you are about ready to leave the tiki bar.  You have a nice day load going and are looking to keep it up. 

But where to now?  Stay tuned for a poor man’s guide of what to do when the game ends and the night begins in Clearwater, Florida.

2011: The Season of Our Lives

Posted by Stephen Gallo


If you’re reading this post, then you’re a die-hard Phillies fan. It wasn’t long ago that you were sitting in your seat at the Vet, surrounded by empties, wondering just how our baseball team could become so bad. It took perseverance to hang in there, and we’d dream of a day when our Phillies would be relevant again.

That day has been here for a few years now. However, this season in particular, should be known as the season of our lives. Ruben has taken this team over and put together the best roster we’ve ever seen in our red pinstripes. We’ve reached Yankee and Red Sox status as far as respect from around the league.

We have one of the best ballparks in the game that will undoubtedly be without an empty seat for the second full season in a row. Pat yourself on the back Philly; you’re living in the new baseball heaven. Just ask Cliff Lee.

The whole country knows about our “Four Aces” (or should I say Phour?) and the expectations that will undoubtedly be following this team around all year. As for the position players, our core group is getting older and this is definitely a “show me what you’ve still got left” year for a few players like Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Raul Ibanez. We have a former all-star at six out of our eight everyday positions. That’s just impressive.

The following key players may very well be gone next year: Raul, Jimmy, Ryan Madson, Brad Lidge, and Roy Oswalt. I think barring a couple miracles, Raul, Lidge, and Oswalt are definitely gone.

Can Ryan Howard find his 50 homerun power again? Another question that’s just as important; who will protect him in the lineup? Can Roy Halladay match his Cy Young award winning season of 2010? Can Utley and Placido Polanco prove that they’re 100% healthy and stay that way? Will Dominic Brown (or as I call him, “The Phenom”) prove that he’s major league ready, and stay in the show for good? All of these questions will find their answers once the regular season begins.

The marathon that is the baseball season, filled with the highs of walk-off wins and complete game shutouts by one of the “Phour”, as well as the lows of injuries, heart breaking losses and rainouts, begins on April 1st.

Any real fan knows that while the season lasts for most of the calendar year, unfortunately it will also be over in the blink of an eye. This could be the greatest mix of pitchers and position players that we will ever have in our great city. Enjoy every second of it.

This is the season of our lives.

Are Changes in Store for the Phillies Broadcast Team?

Posted by Frank Klose

Could Seth Everett be joining the Phillies broadcast team?


Seth Everett made a name for himself covering Major League baseball in a number of prominent roles. 

Everett has served as a sports director at a radio station in Seattle, a pre-game reporter for SNY and the New York Mets, hosted a weekly Yankees web show on, written for, hosted a show on MLB Radio Network (and still does part-time), and, until recently, served as a host on 1050 ESPN in New York and co-host of the “Baseball Today” podcast on ESPN.  

Beginning at the start of the current basketball season, Everett became the pregame, halftime, and postgame host for the radio broadcasts for the New Jersey Nets on WFAN in New York.  

Since leaving 1050 ESPN and joining the New Jersey Nets, Everett frequently stated that he has one more venture is in the works.  That venture is becoming a little bit clearer.

Everett, who frequently calls into 610 WIP and appears on Comcast Sports Net to discuss Phillies baseball, has become a greater presence in Philadelphia in recent months.  

On Tuesday, Everett recorded his last “Baseball Today” podcast for ESPN. 
“Well let’s just say this,” Everett said. “I’ve gotten involved in some other projects and because of that ESPN decided not to renew my contract”.

Everett went on to say, “I’m going to be doing some work with the Philadelphia Phillies”.  While he did not mention anything specific, Everett mentioned, “I am going to be at Citizens Bank Park for opening day…that will be a great day.”

In the podcast Everett stated, “As soon as I legally can, I will be announcing all of that.” 

So what role could Everett have with the Phillies?  Everett is a big-name baseball guy, and should have a high-profile position.   Is there room on the broadcast team?

Everett’s relationship with CBS Radio's 610 WIP could indicate something is in the works with the Phillies' flagship radio station, CBS Radio's 1210 am. 

Former Phillies Mitch Williams and Ricky Bottalico have hosted a half-hour -in show in recent seasons prior to the official pregame show.  Everett could serve as the show’s host and be available for other fill-in duties in the broadcast, such as when the Flyers pull Jim Jackson away from a Phillies broadcast.

Jim Jackson’s status with the Phillies could have something to do with what Everett’s role will be.  Jackson began doing two innings of play-by-play on the radio last year in addition to his pregame and postgame duties.  If Jackson’s role expands to pick up more play-by-play work, Everett could be the permanent pregame and postgame host.  Similarly, if Jackson does not return to the Phillies, Everett could handle Jackson’s current role.

Broadcast changes could mean that Scott Franzke could be calling a few innings on television this season with Larry Andersen.   If he does, Jim Jackson could call those innings on the radio.    Tom McCarthy remains under contract with the Phillies for two more seasons, and Chris Wheeler is a Philadelphia staple.  The Phillies' broadcast team has been one fewer in number since the passing of Harry Kalas, so maybe the Phillies would be willing to add one more broadcaster

On the television broadcast, Everett could be an on-field reporter as he was for the New York Mets, but Gary Matthews currently handles that role for the Phillies, and appears to be returning to the team.

Another possibility is an analyst on Comcast Sports Net Philadelphia, though they appear to be well-stocked with host Michael Barkann and analysts Ricky Bottalico and Darren Daulton.

Whatever his role, Everett’s expertise will make the Phillies season much more enjoyable.

Welcome to Philliedelphia!

As if the blogsphere was not already saturated with Phillies blogs, we decided that we have nothing better to do with our free time than to start a Phillies blog.  

Here is who will be writing everything that includes the serious, the analytical, and the satirical:

Frank Klose
Frank has a bachelor's degree in English, but has hardly ever used it for anything productive.  A full-season ticket holder to the Phillies who has summers off, he is looking for something to distract him from his thesis this summer. 

Adam Gonsiewski
Adam is a life-long Phillies and Flyers fan from Northeast Philadelphia wrapping up a degree in Meteorology at Millersville University.  When not looking up weather maps, he will be writing Phillies posts for us.

Tony Galante
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Stephen Gallo
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Flyers Achieve 1700th Victory In Franchise History

Keeping in mind their 5-0 loss to Florida back in December, the Flyers avenged their embarrassing game with a 3-2 victory of their own tonight. James van Riemsdyk netted the game winning goal while Danny Briere had a goal and two assists on the night.

The game started off with both teams being assessed a minor penalty within the first three minutes. Nineteen seconds before the two minute mark, Daniel Carcillo was handed a holding penalty giving the Panthers the first powerplay of the game. Florida didn't take advantage of the situation losing the man advantage a minute and eight seconds later after Mike Santorelli went to the box for slashing. The Flyers didn't find the back of the net either on their shortened powerplay.

About five minutes after the teams exchanged powerplays, Mike Richards gave Philly the first lead of the game. Carcillo won a puck battle in the corner to Tomas Vokoun's left and handed the puck to Kris Versteeg, who turned his body towards the net acting as though he was lining up a shot before giving Richards the puck in the slot. He'd put it home through some traffic in front for his 18th goal on the season and a 1-0 Flyers' lead.

Inspired by his captain breaking a ten-game goalless streak, Andreas Nodl decided to break his nineteen-game goalless streak by depositing the puck in Tomas Vokoun's net on a nicely set up play. Sixty-five seconds after the opening goal, Scott Hartnell stood at the left point just inside the blue line sliding the puck over to Danny Briere who was near the faceoff circle to Vokoun's left. Briere saw Nodl's stick, which was placed on the ice at Vokoun's goalmouth, and made a spot-on pass leading to Philly's second goal. Nodl's tenth goal on the season gave Philly an early two-goal lead.

As if a two-goal lead ten minutes into the game wasn't dominant enough, Philly dictated the rest of the period resulting in two more Florida penalties (boarding on Darcy Hordichuk and holding on Stephen Weiss) and an 18-5 shot count in their favor.

Coming out with a stronger effort in the opening minutes of the middle period, the Panthers had several offensive scrums occur near Bob's crease. Unfortunately for Florida, a counter attack by Philly extended their deficit to three goals. Danny Briere took advantage of his one-on-one with Dennis Wideman as he entered the Panthers' defensive zone by deking Wideman out of position. After gaining ground on the beaten defender, Briere moved the puck to the bottom of the circle to Vokoun's left and took a shot that caused the goalie to drop to his knees. While sliding on the ice after making the initial save, Vokoun was moving away from the net as James van Riesmdyk put the rebound home on an open net. JVR's 14th goal on the season gave the Flyers a stranglehold on the game with a 3-0 lead.

Florida was handed the first powerplay of the second period after Braydon Coburn went to the box for high sticking about halfway through the period. Despite Wideman hitting the post on the powerplay and the need for Bobrovsky to make a sprawling save just after the powerplay ended, the Panthers still had not found the back of the net.

The Panthers closest chance to scoring in the second period came on a Bobrovsky flub. After dropping an attempt to catch the puck, Bob covered up the puck on the goal line. Unsure of whether or not the puck completely crossed the goal line, the refs spent several minutes reviewing the play and ultimately decided the puck never did completely cross the goal line.

Mike Santorelli was called for interference with a little less than two minutes left in the second period to put Florida a man down entering the final period of play.

After killing off the remainder of Santorelli's penalty, the Panthers finally scored twenty seconds before the two minute mark of the third period. Marty Reasoner won a faceoff in the circle to Bob's left to Jason Garrison, who then moved a little to his right before ripping a shot from the point. Standing in front of Bobrovsky, Rostislav Olesz turned his body while successfully tipping the puck preventing Bob from catching it. After the puck hit Bob's glove, it went to the left side of the crease where Olesz put it in for his sixth goal of the season. Olesz's goal came on the powerplay as Chris Pronger sat in the box for interference.

The Panthers weren't calling it quits yet as David Booth took advantage of a broken play just inside Philly's blue line to score his 16th goal of the season. An unassisted goal dwindled Philly's lead from two to one with less than eight minutes to play in the final period.

After a frantic few minutes of absolute pressure from Florida, the Flyers were able to put the game away with a Briere empty net goal. Taking the puck in on the empty net from center ice gave Briere his 28th goal on the season and the Flyers a 4-2 lead they'd hold onto until the final whistle.

A strong start didn't carry throughout the whole game for the Flyers as they were heavily outplayed in the third period. Energy and effort allowed Philly to come out with a 3-0 lead after two periods, but an absence in urgency in the final stanza almost allowed Florida to overcome a three-goal deficit.

Sergei Bobrovsky wasn't called on often tonight, but he made key saves all night long. A couple of mishandled glove plays seemed to be Bob's only problem on the evening. A dropped puck in the second almost lead to a goal, while a dropped shot that was deflected led to Florida's first goal on the night.

Kris Versteeg was able to register his first point in a Flyers' uniform tonight as he set up Mike Richards for the first goal of the game.

Notes: The win was the Flyers' 1700th win in franchise history. The Flyers are now 2-1-0 against the Panthers on the season and are now 9-4-1 against the Southeast division on the season (TBL 1-3-0, WSH 2-0-1, CAR 3-0-0, ATL 1-0-0, FLA 2-1-0).