Day Four of 2011 Philliedelphia’s MLB Predictions: Danielle Wilson

Posted by Danielle Wilson

American League predictions

AL East division winner – Boston Red Sox

AL Central division winner – Minnesota Twins

AL West division winner – Texas Rangers

AL Wild Card team – Oakland Athletics

AL MVP – Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins

AL Cy Young – C.J. Wilson, Texas Rangers

AL Rookie of the Year – Desmond Jennings, Tampa Bay Rays

AL Manager of the year – Terry Francona, Boston Red Sox

AL Playoff prediction

Divisional Round – Twins over Athletics, Red Sox over Rangers

Championship round – Red Sox over Twins

National League predictions

NL East division winner – Philadelphia Phillies

NL Central division winner – St. Louis Cardinals

NL West division winner – Colorado Rockies

NL Wild Card team – Atlanta Braves

NL MVP – Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies

NL Cy Young – Roy Oswalt, Philadelphia Phillies

NL Rookie of the Year – Mike Stanton, Florida Marlins

NL Manager of the Year – Charlie Manuel, Philadelphia Phillies

NL Playoff prediction

Divisional Round – Cardinals over Braves, Phillies over Rockies

Championship round – Phillies over Cardinals

World Series Prediction

Phillies over Red Sox in 7 games.


If you were surprised by my choice for National League Cy Young, you shouldn’t be. Roy Oswalt is one of the greatest pitchers in the Majors, and has yet to lose a game at Citizens Bank Park (knock on wood). His delivery, pitch selection, love of the game, toughness, and overall athleticism is superb enough to get him to at least 18 wins this season.

I also decided that the Phillies are going to win it all. They have the pitching, they will soon have a star-studded lineup once again, and they have the bullpen and bench to back it all up in what should be one of the best seasons in Philadelphia Phillies history. This is all being led by skipper Charlie Manuel, who will win the Manager of the Year award for bringing his boys to a 5th consecutive National League East Championship title, and another World Series victory. Their past experiences in the postseason and against the Red Sox (2 inter-league series’ in 2010 and 1 in 2011) will blow them away in 7 games. Problem, Phillies fans?