GQ Magazine: Phillies Fans are Worst Sports Fans in America

Posted by Stephen Gallo


Will we ever hear the end of this? GQ magazine (Who the hell relies on GQ for sports information anyway?) has named Phillies fans the worst fans in America. Although, I hate to help them out with page views, you san see it here.

It’s been beaten down into the ground about how lousy the fans of our great city are. It’s obviously nothing but pure laziness on GQ’s part to just follow I the footsteps of all those who have bashed Philly fans in the past. Why do your own research when you can just list Philly as having the worst fans, throw in a reference to booing Santa Claus and throwing batteries, and call it a day? Lazy.

I don’t need to go on and on about how faithful Phillies fans are and how ridiculous it is to blame an entire fan base on the actions of a few moronic fans. Every stadium in the country has fans that run on the field, or fans that get drunk and make asses of themselves; not just here.

Phillies fans know the game, they show up wherever the team goes, whether it’s Clearwater for meaningless Spring Training games, at Citizens Bank Park to watch the home team (despite rising ticket prices), or all throughout the country for road games. No one follows their team with the passion we do. Just try finding an empty seat down at the ballpark this year. You won’t.

Apparently some media outlets interpret passion as a negative trait.
Maybe they should have asked Cliff Lee what he thinks.

What do you think of GQ’s list?