Pedro Feliz Released By the Royals; Don’t Get Any Ideas, Phillies Fans

Posted by Frank Klose


Yes, Pedro Feliz was a key member of the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies in 2008.  Yes, the Phillies have Chase Utley out for an unknown length with patellar tendonitis.  Yes, Pedro Feliz is now available as a free agent.

No, Pedro Feliz is not the answer.

While Ruben Amaro took some heat for signing Placido Polanco to play third base, buying out Feliz's option year going into the 2010 season, time has proven Amaro to have made the right move.

Feliz signed with Houson prior to the 2010 season and hit .221 in 97 games before being traded to St. Louis, where he hit just .208 in 40 games.

Why was Feliz released?  Well, he hit just .167 so far this spring.

Feliz's' bat has clearly declined to the point where he could not help the Phillies; the Phillies internal options could match his offensive output, if not do better.  Signing Feliz would make little sense for the Phillies.

While I will always think fondly of Feliz and ever remember the two World Series appearances, including Feliz's World Series-winning RBI, it's over. I similiarly appreciate Mickey Morandini from 1993, and I do not think I would take him either. indicates the Marlins may be interested in Feliz, who already have former Phillies third basemen Wes Helms and Greg Dobbs on their roster.