Super-Agent Scott Boras Makes Phillies’ Ryan Madson a Closer

Posted by Mike Frohwirth


Philliedelphia/Frank Klose

(Last August, Phillies reliever Ryan Madson met with agent Scott Boras, to speak about Madson's frame of mind, and his thoughts on being on a closer. The following is a transcript of that conversation.)

BORAS: Ryan, why did you kick that chair?

MADSON: I just lost myself for a minute. It was a mistake. It won't happen again.

BORAS: Do you think you could handle the closer's role?

MADSON: I don't know why some people think I can't handle it. It's just pitching in a different inning. People look at my "save" stats, and, yeah, they don't look that great, but most of those "blown saves" weren't even in the ninth inning. I've proven I can pitch well, in tough situations. It's just getting batters out. If closing is best for the team, I'll close games.

BORAS: So you don't think that closing games is the way you can best help the team win?

MADSON: I'm not really sure it is. Now, I'm the best reliever on the team. That's a fact. Shouldn't I be pitching in the most dangerous situations? Runners on, middle of the lineup scheduled to bat, that's when I should be in the game. Ninth inning, three-run lead, bottom of the order scheduled, anybody can handle that situation. Well, maybe not Baez. But, my point is, I can help the team the most, by pitching at the most important times. I want to win.

BORAS: As a setup reliever, you will make $4-6 MM per year. As a closer, your salary could be over $10MM per year.

MADSON: I really think I should be a closer.

BORAS: Good thinking, Ryan. (hands Madson a sheet of paper) Use these talking points, if anyone ever asks you about this meeting. Also, practice saying the word "finicky." It's a weird word.