Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia Recap, March 23rd

Posted by Danielle Wilson

Photo courtesy of Philadelphia-Phillies.mattters.com

Today, the Phillies visited the Rays in Port Charlotte, where Luis Castillo made his not-so-much anticipated Phillies debut. You've already read about how his first at-bat was an upsetting ground out, but what about his other 3 at-bats? Well, he grounded out 2 more times and popped out once. Which leads me to my newly proposed theory:

The Mets released Luis Castillo a few weeks after the news of Utley's tendonitis spread. Why did they release him? Because the Mets knew that the Phillies would be looking for some second base help, if they didn't have any on the farm. Look what happened there, Ruben Amaro Junior swooped in and acquired Castillo. Where's the evil behind this though? Oh right, since the Mets and Phillies are not really that friendly towards each other, and the Mets are more than likely jealous of the Phillies for being so (thanks for this line, Charlie Sheen) WINNING, they released Castillo knowing that Rube would sign him, and now Castillo can play horrible defense and put up awful offensive numbers to take us down a notch.

Or maybe Luis Castillo just had a rough day and had a case of stage fright. I don't know.

But hey, here are some bits and pieces from the game today!

Scoring plays of the game:

Bottom 1st: Manny Ramirez doubled to score Johnny Damon, 1-0 Rays.

Bottom 4th: Before Roy Oswalt was so rudely hit by a Manny Ramirez line drive, Oswalt allowed Evan Longoria to kill a baseball. 2-0 Rays. After David Herndon came in, B.J. Upton singled and scored Manny Ramirez. 3-0 Rays.

Bottom 8th: Madson on the mound, allowed a double to Anthony Scelfo which scored Justin Ruggiano. 4-0 Rays.

Top 9th: Erik Kratz singled and scored Delwyn Young with the bases loaded. 4-1 Rays.

Final score: 4-1 Rays.

Upon request, I was told to mention Erik Kratz' incredible pop-up catch, which led to an amazing throw to second to catch Kotchman stealing.

Tomorrow, the Twins will visit the Phillies in Clearwater, where I'll be, tweeting play-by-play tweets on my account, CBPhresh.