The 2011 Philadelphia Phillies: What Offense?

Posted By Christina Angelos

Jayson Werth is gone. Jimmy Rollins is declining. Chase Utley is in his own world of having knee tendonitis. Domonic Brown won’t hit. The list of injuries and alleged offense woes continues for the Philadelphia Phillies.

If you believe the Phillies will not have any offensive output, you should think again. I do not know if fans remember what happened to the Philadelphia Phillies last season. But here is a little reminder before you jump to any conclusion before the season begins:

There was a time when the Phillies had 18 players on disabled list.

 There was a time when the Phillies had an early season two week slump.

There was a time when the Phillies were shutout 11 times.

There was a time when an unknown player named Wilson Valdez grounded into double plays too many times  and became an everyday player.

There was a time when Raul Ibanez was not hitting, while Jayson Werth and his RISP were not doing anything but growing his beard.

There was a time when the Phillies were mainly minor league players in the big league game.

There was a time when we only had Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, Joe Blanton, Kyle Kendrick, Jamie Moyer pitching, and Roy Oswalt waived his no-trade clause and
accepted a trade to the Philadelphia Phillies.

There was a time when the Braves were in first place (maybe 8 games ahead of us), but you know how that went.

The Result: Phillies were second in the National League batting average, only behind the hot hitting Reds. They also the best record in baseball. Do not listen to those ESPN announcers…the season did not even start yet. You never know what will happen.