Insane For Shane: Phillies’ Centerfielder Shane Victorino


Posted by Danielle Wilson


I am a Shane maniac and have come to terms with this. The following is a recap of all things Shane in the past two weeks.



 Considering the fact that we already learned so much about this man in the first post, why not skip the details and go straight to the statistics?



Since April fifth, Shane has been batting in the lead off spot, mainly because Chase Utley is still injured. Of course, this could change, but it seems to be working out rather well for him. In 13 games, Shane went 20-55 with four doubles, one triple, and two home runs, batting in seven runners, stealing three bases, and scoring 13 runs.

Many have complained about how Shane isn't able to run a pitch count or not swing at the first pitch, but there is no reason to single him out considering that out of all of the players on the team who have had at least 50 at bats, Shane leads them in triples, has scored the most runs, is tied for doubles, is second in hits, and has the highest slugging percentage on the team. Not bad for someone who isn't patient at the plate and is too anxious to swing for the fences. In your faces, Shane haters!

To say the least, Shane Victorino is one of the better players on the team. I leave you with a few videos of his most recent spectacular offensive/defensive plays: