Mets Billboard: “True Hustle, Real Heart”. Do the Phillies Need These Silly Slogans Anymore?

Posted by Frank Klose

Courtesy of Met fan @hip_hip_jorge on Twitter

The Mets' new marketing campaign is out in full force in New York: "True Hustle, Real Heart", featuring a picture of Mets outfielder Angel Pagan.  It made me thing to myself: When is the last time the Phillies had campaigns like this?

The last one I really remember was "Goosebumps" in 2007, the season in which the Phillies began their current playoff run.

But, since then, the Phillies have really had no need to advertise too much.  They started out selling every home game back in 2009, so there is hardly a need to advertise to sell tickets.  Mostly, they'll mention a few tickets remain for a particular game during a television broadcast or via email, but their advertising is way down.

The Phillies have spoken repeatedly in the offseason of looking additional revenue streams to help maintain their top-shelf roster.  Perhaps one way is to simply give up advertising.

If anything, this proves that nothing sells tickets better than winning.  Spend money on good players, build a winning atmosphere, and you will have no need for cheesy cliches such as "True Hustle, Real Heart" to sell a ticket or two.