Phillies Win a Strange One, 10-7 Over the Mets

Posted by Danielle Wilson

Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Joe Blanton throws against the New York Mets in the first inning of a baseball game Wednesday, April 6, 2011, in Philadelphia.

Let me start this recap by quoting Pete Rose: “Somebody has to win, and somebody has to lose, and I believe in letting the other guys lose.”

The Phillies were generous tonight and allowed the Mets to lose this one.

The first inning was a beauty for Joe Blanton, who allowed an infield single to Jose Reyes, but left him stranded at third (stole second, made it to third on some Shane Victorino fielding confusion) after striking out Willie Harris and David Wright. This inning was also a beauty for the Phillies’ lineup. Shane led it off with his first triple of the year, and scored on Polanco’s groundout. Ryan Howard doubled to center, and scored on Raul Ibanez’s single. 2-0 Phils. Good start.

In the second, the offense came back for Phils, first with Pete Orr achieving his first Major League hit as a Phillie, then Joe Blanton hitting a double. It was a bizarre play, the ball went back to Pelfrey on the mound, and after he dropped it, he threw it a little too far passed first base, so Joe was able to get to second. Pete Orr Scored on Shane Victorino’s RBI groundout following the LOLMets play. 3-0 Phils.

Joe Blanton was really throwing some good pitches, going with his splitter, slider, and sinker, which were all winners for Joe, seeing that he struck out four batters in 3 innings.

For the third inning in a row, the Phillies continued to embarrass the LOLMets, who at this point were known as the LOLOLMets. Ryan Howard went yard into deep center field (measured around 405 feet) to give the Phillies a 4-0 lead. Ibanez singled, followed by Big Pelf walking Ben Francisco. Pete Orr singled afterwards, and then it was Joe Blanton’s turn. Big Joe hit a 2-run single down the left field line to score Raul and Ben, pushing the lead to 6-0. Polanco joined the party with an RBI single to right-center, scoring Pete Orr, 7-0 Phils.

Joe was roughed up a little bit in the fourth, first hitting Carlos Beltran, then giving up a 2-run blast to Angel Pagan. Joe allowed another hit to Brad Emaus, but first base was where he would stay thanks to a double play turned by Jimmy Rollins. 7-2 Phils.

That was all about to change. In the fifth inning, Joe Blanton allowed seven straight batters to reach base. Joe allowed two doubles, and three singles, walking two. Antonio Bastardo came in from the ’pen after that and gave up a single, and when you add all of that mumbo jumbo together in the right order, it ties the game up at 7-7. Mind= blown.

Have no fear, the Phillies’ offense is here! With 2 outs already in the books in the fifth, Shane Victorino hit a “’scuuuuse me” double as Sarge called it, followed by a single hit by Polly, scoring Shane. After Rollins walked, Ryan Howard singled (was 4-4 at that point) and scored Polly who just barely made it home from second. 9-7 Phils.

Antonio Bastardo in the sixth: 1-2-3. Boom.

In the sixth, Ben Francisco led it off with a solo shot (finally!) to left field. John Mayberry Jr. followed with a pinch-hit single, but was later out at second on a double play.

Romero tossed a scoreless inning in the seventh, and so did Pedro Beato (bee-ah-toe, not beat-o) for the Mets.

Ryan Madson came in for the eighth inning, tossing 10 pitches, and retiring the side in order. Jose Contreras came in for the ninth, with the score at 10-7 Phillies, and he saved it, helping the Phils bring their record to 4-1.

Tomorrow’s game will be at 3 P.M., Roy Halladay on the mound vs. the LOLMets.