Bruins Pound Flyers 7-3 In Game 1
What is this on Tim McCarver's Screen?

Yes, Stephen Gallo Predicted Two Ryan Howard Home Runs at the Phillies Game Yesterday

Well, since our own Stephen Gallo made a prediction yesterday that was actually right and since he's gloating all over the place, the rest of us a Philliedelphia figured we would just get it out of hte way and give him his props.

Here is what he said prior to the game:


Here is a video of the Philliedelphia staff responding to his prediction:

Now here is a list of the things Steve predicted that we feel will NOT happen:

1. David Herndon will lead the Phillies in saves.
Sorry, Steve, there was no save awarded for Herndon's three runs to get three outs in last night's 9th inning.

2. Raul IbaƱez will win the NL Batting Title
I suppose it could still happen... if all of a sudden he hits .400 the rest of the way.

3. Brad Lidge will sign a five-year contract extension
I guess it's "cost certainty" for your disabled list, right?

4. Joe Blanton will win the NL Cy Young award
Well, he did have two decentish starts against a couple of bad teams before his elbow caved in.

5. Milton Street will be elected Mayor of Philadelphia
I think Charlie Manuel will get more write-in votes during next week's primary than Milton Street gets legitimate votes.

Well, Steve, congrats on your one correct prediction.


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