Mr. Romero Goes to Washington (Bad Pun, Yeah); Madson Miss All-Star Chance?

Posted by Frank Klose

Beautiful photoshop by Philliedelphia staff

So, the Phillies jettisoned J.C. Romero, and we all knew he would be picked up by someone, since the Phillies are paying most of his salary.   But, it looks like they will face him plenty down the stretch, as Romero has signed with the Washington Nationals.

The Nationals, of course are in a bit of chaos, as their manager Jim Riggleman quit last week when the team would not even have a conversation about his impending contract.

As for the Phillies' Ryan Madson, could his injury keep him from being named to the All-Star team?  Could be.

Madson has not pitched since June 15th.  While his numbers are stellar, his time away gives competing relievers time to catch up.

Look at the Pirates' Joel Hanrahan.  Hanrahan has 23 saves and a 1.21 ERA, with no blown saves.   Madson's 15 saves in 16 chances and 2.03 ERA are pale in comparison to Madson.   The All Star team will not need too many closers.

Also working against Madson is the recent surge by Cliff Lee.  A month ago, at 4-5 and an ERA in the 3s, Lee did not seem like much of an All-Star.   However, with this 5-0 0.21 month of June, Lee has a real shot.

Halladay, Hamels, and Lee should be All-Star locks all on the same team, which may not leave room for Madson.