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Hunter Pence Will Wear #3... or is it #5? 97.5 The Fanatic Interview Just Posted

Posted by Frank Klose

Of course Philies fans want to run out and get a custom Hunter Pence jersey before tonight's game.  Heck, last year I went and got an Oswalt in time for his first game played.   But what number will Pence wear?

Todd Zolecki was first to comment on it:

However, Yahoo Sports made a point of changing the number on Hunter Pence's player card, and it's not #3.  It's #5:


If John Kruk could trade #28 to Mitch Williams for a case of beer, maybe Pence can get his familiar #9 from Dom Brown.   Thanks to @jjbuttons for pointing this out.

Also - 97.5 the Fanatic just posted the podcast of their interview with Hunter Pence this morning.  Check it out here.


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Janet McClelland

Hey you guys - #3 is the number Hunter Pence will wear on his uniform and the #5 is his batting position. He will be batting #5 in the lineup after Ryan Howard.

Frank Klose

Thanks, Janet - However, on the Yahoo player card, that is where they list jersey numbers. I also found another interesting error on Yahoo that I will post tomorrow!

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