Jim Thome to the Phillies? Minnesota Dealer is Banking On It and Selling Jerseys

Posted by Frank Klose

Thome hits home run #600

Jim Thome's name has come up a great deal lately in Phillies discussion.  We all know that Ross Gload is hobbled by injuries and that Thome may look to having one last chance to win a World Series before retiring.

Yes, Thome would have to clear waivers to be traded to the Phillies; if Minnesota released him, he could sign with whoever he would like, since his no-trade clause protects him from being obligated to a claiming team that he would prefer not to play for.

Yes, we've heard all this a million times.  However, one Minnesota sports apparel dealer has banked on a Thome-Phillies reunion.   Currently on eBay, one can purchase a 2011 Jim Thome Phillies jersey.


The "B" patch for the two recently-deceased Buck brothers from the Phillies ownership is proof this is not just a recycled throwback, and the price is standard for a replica on eBay.

How did I find this? Well, I figured I would search eBay for a used Thome jersey from back in the day I could get cheaply just in case… 

No, I did not find anything of the sort.