Our Minor League Pitchers Need Your Support!

Posted by Danielle Wilson

Triple-A relief pitcher Justin DeFratus needs a little help on Twitter, Phils fans. As of this very moment, Justin needs 217 followers to reach his goal, and that's where you come in! Yes, YOU.


Fellow IronPig relief pitcher (pitcher of the month in the Phillies organization) Michael Schwimer, also known as "Swimmy", needs a little help as well. He doesn't necessarily need followers, but, Domonic Brown will make a Twitter account if Michael reaches 10k followers by September 1st. Seems unlikely at this point, seeing that he has 3,505 followers. He remains hopeful, and so do the Phillies fans on Twitter who want to see Dom join in on the fun.

*Only* 6,500 more.

Go follow these guys if you aren't already!