This Day in Baseball History

Posted by Patrick Franklin

Hello there. I am the new kid on the block here at Philliedelphia. Some of you will know me as the handsome but pre-maturely balding and occasionally funny @Phils08champs on twitter. I am in the process, and failing, to figure out how TypePad works.

I currently write for Ticket, a MontCo based paper distributed along the East Coast:

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What I will be doing here at Philliedelphia, however, is more of a "This Day in Baseball History" topic, with my completely unbiased view. I'll keep it as witty, yet informative as possible, and promise that you won't want to pour battery acid in your eyes after reading my posts. At least not all the time.

So, without further ado, I present you with my first ever This Day in Baseball History:

August 14th, 1961

DickEllsworth_display_image This gentleman right here, who is not Chris Coste in a Cubs uniform, defeated the Phillies 9-2. It was the Phillies seventeenth consecutive loss, and the eleventh (11th!) straight game that an opposing pitcher threw a complete game against them.  

So the next time this current team loses two in a row and half of the fans want to forfeit the rest of the season, bring up this little tidbit of information.

Another fun fact: among the players on that Phillies roster was one Ruben Amaro, the father of the legend that brought us such big name players as Jack Cust and Dave Bush, among others.

Props to my always handy "This Day in Baseball History" book and calender for the info used here.

That's it and that's all for now folks. Feedback is always welcomed.