Phillies Issue Antonio Bastardo a New Number; Oswalt’s, Madson’s, Werth’s, and Moyer’s Issued to New Players

Posted by Frank Klose


Citizens Bank Park will look odd this season with many familiar numbers going to new players.   Some Phillies fans, such as @socuttered, spent the whole time since the Papelbon signing trying to figure out what number beloved Antonio Bastardo would wear.    

Further, many beloved Phillies' numbers have been reissued.  In the past, the Phillies tended to hold out of circulation a number belonging to a favorite player, but with all the player movement this year,  it appears it was unavoidable.

Also, there is some bad news, as some of your favorite bench players switched numbers, making your jersey obsolete.

  • Antonio Bastardo will wear #37, most recently belonging to Justin DeFratus.   DeFratus will report back to camp wearing the #78 jersey he wore last spring.
  • Dontrelle Willis, a fan of the unavailable #35, will take #53.
  • Ty Wigginton will wear #24 (unproductive since 1993 when Juan Bell first put it on).
  • Laynce Nix will wear #7.
  • Pete Orr takes his preferred #4.
  • Pete Mackanin takes #5.
  • Michael Schwimer takes Roy Oswalt's #44.
  • Raul Valdez slips into Ryan Madson's #46. No word if he will also get a mustache tattoo on his finger.
  • Joel PiƱeiro, slightly younger than Jamie Moyer, will wear #50.
  • Phillippe Aumont will wear #43.  Is this an indication he is being strongly considered for a bullpen spot?

Some interestingly low numbers for non-roster invitees:

  • Hector Luna will wear #10.
  • Scott Podsednik takes Mackanin's previous #22.  He may have a legitimate shot to make the opening day roster.
  • Lou Montanez comes to camp in #16 (though it should have been retired for John Bowker)
  • Kevin Frandsen will do his best Jayson Werth impression wearing #28.
  • David Purcey appears to have bumped Michael Schwimer out of #39.

With a shot to make the club:

  • Dave Bush will wear #47.
  • Former and current-Phillie Brian Sanches gets his old #48 back.  If you were at the Phillies holiday sale, you could have bought a $30 jersey of a current player.  Damn.