Super-Agent Scott Boras, Phillies’ Ruben Amaro Get Into Public Debate Over Reds’ Ryan Madson

Posted by Frank Klose


"There's no reason to get into a public debate with Scott over this", Ruben Amaro told ESPN's Jerry Crasnick, when pressed about what exactly happened between the Phillies and Ryan Madson.   A public debate is pretty much what they got into.

Check out Crasnick's ESPN piece here.   Some key pieces from Crasnick:

From Scott Boras:

"We agreed to a four-year, $44 million offer, and Philadelphia decided to sign someone else".

From Ruben Amaro:

"All I can tell you is, there was never an agreement, and we decided that we wanted to sign someone with the experience and the ability of Jonathan Papelbon. So we went that route".

So, maybe what really happened is unclear.  What seems clear, according to Jim Salisbury of, is that Madson and the Phillies have a "strained relationship" and that Madson would not return the Phillies' calls:

"We hear that relations between Madson and the Phillies became strained after negotiations between the two parties fell apart in November and the Phils signed Papelbon. We hear that the Phillies actually wanted to feel out Madson about the possibility of returning as a setup man on a one-year deal, but he didn’t return their calls. " 

So, there you have it.  I believe Boras overplayed his hand, and Madson suffered for that reason.   Speaking of Scott Boras and his clients, will ANYONE sign Prince Fielder?