Saturday Phillies Roster Prediction
After delay, Blue Jays get best of Phillies

Saturday's Phillies' Minor League Roster Predictions

Well, more cuts come from Clearwater's Minor League Camps. Bill Rice, Brent Clevlen, and Jeff Lanning are gone. I'm a little surprised by this, since it means they lost some depth, but hey, who knows what the desires are in the upper minors.

Between that and the Blanco signing, that's the news of the day. Here's my try at picking rosters now, beginning with Lehigh Valley:

  • Line-Up: Thompson-CF, Frandsen-SS, Brown-LF, Overbeck-1B, Kratz-C, Montanez-RF, Thurston-3B, Spidale-DH, Orr-2B
  • Rotation:  Hyatt, Elarton, Misch, Bush, Bump
  • Bench: Gosewisch, Blanco, Susdorf, Hulett
  • Bullpen: Schwimer, Aumont, Diekman, Valdes, Horst, Purcey, Sanches
  • DL: De Fratus
Basically, add Blanco to the bench, put Spidale in the line-up, and go. I have a feeling I'll be more wrong here than I think, in part because of the unease with the big league bench, but that's to be dealt with later.
  • Line-Up: Gillies-CF, James-RF, Valle-C, Ruf-1B, Kennelly-DH, Castro-LF, Abreu-3B, Hanzawa-SS, Hernandez-2B
  • Rotation: Cloyd, May, Rodriguez, Pettibone, Buchanan
  • Bench: Barnes, Tripp, Suomi, Perdomo
  • Bullpen: Friend, Ramirez, Cisco, Rosenberg, Brummett, Chapman, Gailey
Not a lot of change, but I moved up Barnes.
  • Line-Up: Alvarez-OF, Cartwright-2B, Collier-OF, Murphy-1B, Alonso-3B, Hewitt-DH, Rupp-C, Myers-OF, Duran-SS
  • Rotation: Colvin, Biddle, Claypool, Bonilla, Garner
  • Bench: LeRud, Asche, Lavin, Gonzalez, 
  • Bullpen: Neris, Sosa, Shreve, Whatcott, Hollands, Worthington, Kissock
No read changes besides Lavin moved down.


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I see Raul Valdes starting the season in the majors and I also think J.C. Ramirez will start the season at AAA.

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