Wednesday’s Iron Pigs Projections

When the Phillies suffer bench injuries like Michael Martinez's broken right foot, guess who gets raided? Yeah, Ryno's Iron Pigs. While I still expect them to put a pretty good product out this year, Galvis and Orr were two guys expected to be a big part of this team. For that matter, Herndon and Savery were, before camp, supposed to be big here. Needless to say, we're digging a little deeper for depth here.

No matter. The roster's still pretty decent. Here's what I've got right now for it:

  • Line-Up: Pierre-RF, Thompson-CF, Brown-LF, Rizzotti-1B, Kratz-C, Montanez/Overbeck-DH, Luna-3B, Frandsen-SS, Cartwright-2B
  • Rotation: Misch, Bush, Bump, Hyatt, Elarton
  • Bench: Gosewisch, Montanez/Overbeck, Miguel Abreu (IF)
  • Bullpen: Schwimer, De Fratus, Aumont, Diekman, Valdes, Horst, Purcey
  • In the running: Cloyd-SP, Susdorf-OF
I dropped Clevlen because well, I believe there's only 24 spots in the International League. My bad. As for the team, I basically plugged the newly created holes with guys in camp. I don't know that they will all accept their assignment, but I do think most will. 
I'll try a Reading projection soon. For what it's worth, I see a rotation including Cloyd, Trevor May, Julio Rodriguez, and Jon Pettibone for sure. That's a good group there. For $3.50, you can see Reading and Lehigh Valley play on Tuesday, April 3rd. Reading hosts this year's All-Star game for the Eastern League too.