Ozzie Guillen-less Marlins at Citizens Bank Park Tonight: Make Signs, Phillies Fans!

Phillies fans are known for being incredibly sharp and come up with many clever things.  Now that Ozzie Guillen said some stupid things that really upset the Marlins fanbase and is suspended and won't be at Citizens Bank Park tonight.  

What can Phillies fans come up with for tonight's game against the Marlins?   Here is a look down memory lane:

Pat Burrell Returns to Philly With the Giants:

Image Courtesy NBC Sports

Barry Bonds Comes to Philadelphia Chasing Home Run Record:

Photo courtesy Main St. USA

Jayson Werth Returns to Philadelphia:

Courtesy Busted Coverage

Courtesy Nats Enquirer

Citizens Bank Park South:

Courtesy Let Teddy Win

Tim Lincecum at CBP:

Courtesy NBC Hardball

J.D. Drew Way Back in 1999:
Courtesy CNN SI

So whatcha got Phillies fans?  Comments below – let's get ideas!