Stephen Gallo’s 2012 MLB Predictions



The 2012 team should be another year of exciting baseball. A lot of teams got better, which should help even the playing field and challenge the usual favorites like the Phillies, Yankees and Red Sox. Before you read the predictions below, I'll say that I am pretty cautious with my hopes for the Phillies this year. Like many others, I think injury and age may have caught up to them and this current team's window may still be open, but by the slimmest of margins. The NL East race should be a good one. On with the picks!

American League

AL East winner – Yankees

AL Central winner – Tigers

AL West winner – LA Angels

AL Wild Card Teams (2) – Red Sox, Rangers


AL MVP – Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox

AL Cy Young – Justin Verlander, Tigers

AL Rookie of the Year – Yu Darvish, Rangers

AL Manager of the Year – Jim Leyland, Tigers

The American League is much stronger than the National League. A lot stronger. You could make the argument that the AL has four or even five teams stronger than any NL team from top to bottom. I like the Tigers over the Rangers in the AL Championship, breaking the hearts of Rangers fans everywhere once again.


National League

NL East winner – Phillies

NL Central winner – Cardinals

NL West winner – Diamondbacks

NL Wild Card Teams (2) – Marlins, SF Giants


NL MVP – Jose Reyes, Marlins

NL Cy Young – Cliff Lee, Phillies

NL Rookie of the Year – Freddy Galvis, Phillies (reaching)

NL Manager of the Year – Kirk Gibson, Diamondbacks

Up until a few minutes before this post was submitted, I was ready to pick the Phillies to settle for a Wild Card spot. But the more I thought about it, the more I couldn't see any other team in this division winning more than the 92-93 wins I think the Phils will get this year. I like the up and coming Marlins and Nationals, but think they're both a year away from making any major noise. I like the Diamondbacks a lot and think they have great, young talent. It was incredibly difficult to pick a team to represent the NL in the World Series.

World Series matchup – Tigers vs. Diamondbacks

World Series champion and # of games – Tigers in 5 games


Phillies predictions

Total number of Phillies wins – 93

What date does Ryan Howard return to the Phillies lineup (if at all) – June 15 in Toronto as DH

What date does Chase Utley return to the Phillies lineup (if at all) – June 4 vs. Dodgers

Which Phillies ace has most wins and how many – Cliff Lee, 20

To follow up "Good game, let's go eat," what will be Hunter Pence's next catchphrase? – "Great win, boys! Now lets go and….SQUIRREL!" *runs off camera*