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Jamie Moyer Designated for Assignment By Colorado Rockies; Is That it for Jamie?


Fan favorite Jamie Moyer was designated for assignment by the Colorado Rockies this afternoon.   Moyer came all the way back from Tommy John surgery to win a game at age 49, but Moyer won just one more after that for the Rockies.  All in all Moyer was 2-5 with a 5.70 ERA.

If Moyer did not quit after needing Tommy John surgery knowing full-well he could not pitch again until after his 49th birthday, could he pitch again?

I would not be shocked if Moyer kept trying to pitch.  The problem will be finding someone to pick him up.  If Moyer was willing to take a minor-league assignment to prove his value first, maybe someone would give him a shot.  Might they?

Check out some of the players with a higher ERA than Moyer's 5.70:

  • Clay Bucholz, 7.19
  • Mike Minor, 6.98
  • Tim Lincecum, 6.41
  • Luke Hocevar, 6.19
  • Ubaldo Jimenez, 5.79
  • Randy Wolf, 5.73

John Danks is tied at 5.70.   Teams probably assume those players will rebound; Moyer may not get the opportunity as they do because of their age.

It would be nice to see the Seattle Mariners to give him a shot for a return to the team he rejuvenated his career with, or for the Phillies to give Moyer a shot to help fill some holes the Phillies have.  They sure look like they could use help.





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