Roy Halladay: “I Want to Finish My Career in Philadelphia”; Chase Utley “Like a Manager on the Field”


Roy Halladay made a rare radio appearance today on Mad Dog Radio this morning on the Evan & Phillips show.

On the idea that he could be traded/leave the Phillies at some point:

"I want to finish my career in Philadelphia and that's really all I'm focused on at this point…I enjoy my teammates, I enjoy Philadelphia, and really this is where I want to be."

As to who he misses more: Utley or Howard?

"I think they're both great presences in the clubhouse…but there's something about Chase – when he's around they don't screw up… he brings something a little bit different… but it's so hard to pick between the two.  To have Chase Utley it's like having a manager on the field".

Halladay also noted he really likes Gio Gonzalez, Andrew Cashner, sees "durability" as his best attribute, and that Chipper Jones is the biggest "thorn" and is grateful he'll only be around a few more months.