Does Utley Have a Future at the Hot Corner?

I remember them trying this when Chase Utley came up and it wasn't all that successful. Then again, his glove in general was rather mediocre. In all honesty I think it's way too early to tell if this is a possibility for 2013 but it's worth exploring.

The number one reason being I hate that the Phillies have constantly thrown bad contract after bad contract at third base since trading Scott Rolen in 2002. They've always sought the cheap route it seemed and while they have put able bodies there, they never got the production they should have out of third base.

This season Cody Asche has really shown up on the radar and had it not been for Darin Ruf's breakout season in Reading, he might be accepting the Paul Owens Award today (won by Ruf and tonight's starter Tyler Cloyd). It's been on my wish list for the Phillies to farm a third baseman for a while but he's still a year or so away. So why not see if Utley can play at third?

I can't really endorse the move until I see some games where he plays third. However I applaud thinking outside the box. Freddy Galvis was gold at second earlier in the season and in a perfect world maybe he stays there next season. It would beat throwing another three year deal at a declining player.