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We were told that Mike Adams likes Bo Jackson and therefore was going to wear #16.  The Phillies official roster lists Adams as #16.   However, I am hearing now that Adams has worked out a deal with reliever Antonio Bastardo to get jersey number 37 from Bastardo.  This marks the second offseason in a row Bastaro gave up his jersey number to a newly acquired high-priced reliever.

Prior to 2012 Bastardo gave #58 to $50-million relief acquisition Jonathan Papelbon.   I do not have any details on what it took for Papelbon to get #58, but I am sure he had megabucks to do so.  Adams, $12 million richer after this deal, could certainly afford a Rolex watch or a sportscar to get the #37 back that he wore from 2008 to 2012 with the Padres and the Rangers.  He previously wore #46, but apparently has no affinity towards that number.

I have no official confirmation of this switch; it was just a tip.  But if I'm wrong, I will be happy, considering I spent $100 on a #37 Antonio Bastardo jersey (pictured above) prior to this season.  Bastardo should just pick number 93 or something so no one else will take it in the future.  Or better yet, be a dominant reliever and players will change for him.


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Renee in San Diego

'Unlucky' Bastardo? Maybe he thinks he's pretty lucky. Dude has obviously been making a successful secondary market on reliever's jersey numbers, lol. They want these jersey numbers more than he does & he gets compensated. Wonder which number Bastardo will pick next, lol. Too bad about your jersey tho. However, you can have your jersey number changed at a sports apparel store, OR change the name & become a Mike Adams fan like I am :) They're both good players so its a win-win for you.

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