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Mike Adams Nabs #37 as Bastardo Headed For New Number Again; Lannan Assigned A Number


Well, I offically wasted $100 last offseason as the Phillies have updated the public as to uniform numbers.   As we told you before, Mike Adams worked a deal with Antonio Bastardo to get #37 after initially grabbing 16.  Here are some changes and notable numbers:

On the Major League Side:

  • Mike Adams gets #37
  • Antonio Bastardo will take #59.  There aren't any possible 2014 free agent acquisitions that would take it away from him, are there?
  • John Lannan will wear #27, vacated by Placido Polanco
  • Delmon Young will wear #3; interesting he did not take his #21, since it's available
  • Chad Durbin could not wrestle #37 away from both Bastardo AND Adams, so he gets #45
  • Rule 5 draftee Ender Inciarte gets a reliever's #43

On the coaching staff:

  • Juan Samuel gets his #8 back.  He never looked right in anything else, did he?
  • Wally Joyner will take #21, which he wore for the California Angels during his All-Star Rookie year
  • Ryne Sandberg gets his Hall of Fame #23
  • Rod Nichols is the first to don Brad Lidge's #54 since Lidge's departure
  • Steve Henderson will wear #5  

On the Minor League Side:

  • Aaron Cook gets #29
  • Rodrigo Lopez could not get his accustomed 31 or 13 so he gets #16
  • Humberto Quintero will don #12
  • Yuniesky Betancourt will do his best Jim Thome impression with #25
  • Josh Fields gets #24 in the spirit of former Phillies third baseman Ty Wigginton


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