Erik's 2013 Season Predictions: Cole Hamels Wins Cy Young & Phillies Back In Postseason
Timonen ties it, Fedotenko wins it as Flyers rally past Caps

Greg 's 2013 Predictions

This is my time of the year sports fans. Without furthur delay here are my predictions:


American League

AL East winner: Baltimore
AL Central winner: Detroit
AL West winner: Anaheim
AL Wild Card winners: Oakland, Cleveland

AL MVP: Mike Trout (LAA)
AL Cy Young: Justin Verlander (DET)
AL Rookie of the Year: Jurickson Profar (TEX)
AL Manager of the Year: Terry Francona


While I have Anaheim going to the World Series, part of me is torn and wants to pick Baltimore. That team just seems like they click this year. They are basically where the Phillies were after '07. If that carries over, this team could definitely lift up a trophy in October. Still Anaheim has such an amazing line up and while I'm not totally sold on their pitching, I think it's good enough to carry them. If not, there's always a move to be made at the deadline.

Cleveland will shock the world under Francona and I think this team is quietly much better than many think. Watch out for them.

Love Profar for Rookie of the Year.



National League

 NL East winner: Washington
NL Central winner: Cincinatti
NL West winner: Los Angeles
NL Wild Card winners: Philadelphia, Atlanta

NL MVP: Justin Upton (ATL)
NL Cy Young: Cliff Lee (PHI)
NL Rookie of the Year: Oscar Taveras (STL)


Washington is the cream of the NL East but it won't stop Philly and Atlanta from beating up on Miami and New York to have their slice of the postseason pie. San Diego might be in the mix for one of those WCs too.

Cliff Lee has been so under the radar. Nobody talks about him. It's been all Hamels and Halladay this spring. Lee is going to prove to be the best of the batch and him vs. other team's number three starters is going to rack up the Ws for him. 21 and a Cy Young.

Justin Upton is going to pick up where Chipper Jones left off when it comes to killing the Phillies.


2013 World Series

World Series Matchup: Anaheim vs. Los Angeles
World Series Winner: Greinke over Weaver in Game 7!

Another Blanton home run?


Phillies Predictions

Total number of wins: 90
How many games Roy Halladay will win: 13

Who will spend the most games batting lead off? Ben Revere
Who will lead the Phillies pitchers in wins? Cliff Lee with 21
How many home runs will Ryan Howard hit this season? 38


I went through the schedule and added up all the game wins I thought they'd have month by month. I actually ended up with 100. So I subtraacted 10 and rolled with 90. They'll be a fun team to watch this season I think.


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