Phillies Sign A Free Agent Outfielder

Germany-kamara-uniform (1)
Courtesy International Power Showcase

Fresh out of reports the Phillies were possibly looking around Venezuela for someone to pitch for them, the Phillies have turned to another country: Germany.  I did not know that Germany really had baseball, but the Phillies have signed a 17 year-old outfielder named Julsan Karmara.  Karmara is considered one of the top prospects in Germany.

MLB Trade Rumors describes the signing:

Kamara is considered one of Germany's best prospects. The right-handed swinger competed in last winter's International Power Showcase at Marlins Park in Miami, is a member of the German Junior National Team, and attended the MLB European Academy in Tirrenia, Italy.

The International Power Showcase website lists Karmara as primarily a center fielder and describes him:

Very Toolsie player, still a bit raw and inexperienced, from Germany with +++ strength, plus running speed and ++ bat.

As MLB Trade Rumors notes, the Phillies rarely sign international free agents.   They might as well: it only costs them money.

Ian Riccaboni over at Phillies Nation points out that he already has a baseball card.   Donruss-Leaf no longer has the license to make Major League Baseball cards (Topps Company has an exclusive deal) so they make different types of non-MLB-related cards when they can.  The International Power Showcase was an opportunity for them to make some cards.