Lenny Dykstra Is Out Of Prison And Speaks…To Delmon Young’s Brother


Lenny Dykstra is out of prison…and finally talking.  His first forum: "Vodcast", put together by comedian Jon Lovitz, with hosts Dmitri (yes, Delmon's brother) Young and Robert Fick.  It's an odd production, with both hosts wearing ballcaps from their 15 minutes of fame in Major League Baseball, as if to have an overwhelming need to remind others that they used to be relevant. 

Don't worry: Lovitz makes an appearance, too, sitting at a desk in front of a tropical beach while reading ads for LegalZoom.com.

Many thanks to the Philadelphia Inquirer, who found this obscure video somehow.  They also transcribed this bit:

"It sounds so funny for me to say I was in prison," Dykstra said. "It's so unreal. But it was real. In a crazy way, going to prison when I did – I didn't want to, trust me – it actually kind of made me realize what's important . . . I'm not recommending anybody go to prison to find your life, but to me, it was rock bottom. "The next step from prison is death, if you think about it. There's nothing worse you can do to a person than lock them up – take away their freedom."

Dykstra also claims that he hired former Phillies player Pete Incaviglia to work at his car wash when he was going through hard times.  I cannot imagine a car wash paying enough to make a difference, but Dykstra sure pats himself on the back for that.

If you wish to watch/listen… please make sure you are of the appropriate age for this type of language.  The interview starts at 15:22.   The whole thing is just bizarre, so watch: