Sixers Coaching Candidate: David Vanterpool

According to a report on Friday evening, the 76ers have gained permission to interview Trailblazers' assistant coach, David Vanterpool.

    Vanterpool has only been in Portland for one season, but his work with Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard has allowed his coaching stock to rise significantly. As he was once a professional guard himself, Vanterpool was given the task of grooming and mentoring Lillard during his rookie season in Portland. His success in developing the young star is no doubt a huge factor in the Sixers' decision to bring him in for an interview. They would most certainly look for him to work his magic on Sixers' rookie point guard Michael Carter-Williams.  

    With the given circumstances of the upcoming season, the Sixers look to have inexperienced players all over the court. A coach with successful experience in developing players is what the Sixers covet. They would also like a coach with some youth, but one who is mature enough to handle a rough first year with the team. Vanterpool is 40 years young, and his lack of coaching experience may be more of an asset than a liability in this situation. Many teams would not even consider hiring such an inexperienced head coach (he spent 5 years as an assistant coach in Russia, and one season with the Blazers), but the Sixers don't need experience. They need development. They need commitment. They need ambition. Vanterpool just might be the perfect fit for the job. He would immediately jump at the opportunity to develop these young players, and facing the prospect of losing many, many games would not shake him at all. He would grow as a coach and, in turn, his team would grow with him. 

    Personally, I think hiring David Vanterpool would be a brilliant choice. In my eyes, he and Michael Curry are the new front-runners for the job.

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