Random Thoughts: By Phil Allen

Sports Authority Field

The scoreboard operator at Sports Authority Field may be in for a long afternoon Sunday when the Philadelphia Eagles take on Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. 

What were you thinking as you watched Monday Night Football?

Were you envious of the Mile High citizenry that stand poised collectively on the precipice of the Super Bowl?

Did you say to yourself; "this is what I deserve, a machine of an offense led by the greatest offensive player in the history of the National Football League?"

Because whether you're hung up on his championship total, or somehow believe that Tom Brady is a better quarterback, and I would argue that his success is systemic, and tied inexorably to the (alleged) cheating performed by his organization, Peyton Manning is the top of the NFL food chain and what every QB born or unborn should aspire to be. He is the generalissimo of the position and an offensive coordinator who also plays the toughest position in pro sports that doesn't require a mask. 

All that being said, it's hard to imagine the Eagles having even a "punchers chance" Sunday afternoon in Denver.

Why. Because the defense of the Oakland Raiders is about, at least talent wise, in the same place the Eagles are today.


Not possessing the parts to compete in the style they desire on a week to week basis in the NFL. New coaches, players without the talent or experience to impose their will upon an opponent, and neither the scheme or ability to execute successfully a defense capable of getting off the field regularly unscathed.

How do the Eagles approach Sunday afternoon defensively?

If I'm Chip Kelly, kidnapping the Manning's oldest child is my only option.

This total could have the Mile High scoreboard smoking and exploding like an old Globe Trotters cartoon. Even without the presence, arguably, of their two best defenders, Von Miller and Champ Bailey, the Broncos have been able to shut down opponents and keep them off the field long enough for their offense to build the type of leads that changes game plans and renders the offensive coordinators game plan obsolete by the 2nd quarter.

Simply put, Peyton Manning and the emergence of Julius Thomas, the addition of Wes Welker, and the presence of Eric Decker alongside maybe the NFL's most underrated wide receiver Demaryius Thomas have given the Broncos the ability to score enough points before half time to make the opposition's offense one-sided and in most cases, this creates a mismatch.

The Denver defense thrives on their ability to play with the lead, aided by corners that cover well, hasn't missed a beat with Dumervil, and will make every mistake payable in sixes.

This won't be a good weekend visit for the Eagles, unless the legalization of marijuana in Colorado is enough to make this mountain swing memorable for the Baby Birds.

Gonna get smoked, but take heed Gang Green, these are the lumps the Falcons, Seahawks, and Niners took en-route to the NFL elite. The future is bright, and world's don't change overnight. This game is  like a cup of coffee with the wife over breakfast.

Just one question remains: How many lumps do you want?  47-31 Broncos…..see ya at the draft, Howard Roseman.

Phil 'From Mt. Airy' Allen is also an On Air Personality on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia. Follow Phil on Twitter