Around the Net March 31, 2014: Flyers lose in OT against Bruins; look to rebound in St.Louis
Phillies Score Two Touchdowns to Claim Opening Day Victory

Rollins Makes It To Texas, Sets Milestone


Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins, who had not traveled with the Phillies to be with pregnant wife Johari, has made it to Texas.   Rollins is scheduled to bat second this afternoon against the Texas Rangers.   With this Opening Day start, there are a couple important records.

Will Rollins get an opportunity to tie Ripken next season?   Much could depend on Rollins' health in 2014.  If Rollins reaches 440 plate appearances, his $11 million option will vest for 2015.


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Great news and all, but why does this trump the game thread?


Cyclic is already complaining

Frank Klose

Not meant to trump the game thread. Most people access that on here. We can pin that to the top of the site and to Facebook, if you'd like.


Yeah I know. Sorry to "complain". It just isn't what I'm used to and I'll have to deal with that.

Interestingly, Philliedelphia has a HUGE following on Facebook and virtually no commenters.

Big contrast from Beerleaguer (where I came from) which has hardly any Facebook fans (compared to here) and has/had a great commenter community.

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