Phillies Second Baseman Chase Utley Holds Strong Lead In Early All-Star Vote


Chase Utley has had one of his finest seasons so far in the early going.   Batting .333 with four home runs and 25 RBI, Utley has been a top offensive force.  Additionally, Utley has an obscene 21 doubles in the early going.   Fans around baseball are noticing. released the current National League All-Star voting today, and Utley is at the top of his position.

At the second base position, Utley is in the lead with 509,390 votes.  Utley's next-closest second baseman is Dee Gordon of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Gordon has 304,258 votes, over a 205,000 vote lead.  There is also a great deal of separation between Gordon and the third vote getter, Brandon Phillips.  Phillips has 187,067, over 113,000 fewer than Gordon.

The Phillies are not doing so well at other positions.   Shortstop Jimmy Rollins is putting together a fine season for the Phillies, but failed to register in the top five of voting.     No other Phillies starter cracked the top five of infielders and catchers; no Phillies outfielder was in the top 15 of voting among outfielders.

The Phillies could have another All-Star beyond an Utley election, if closer Jonathan Papelbon keeps up his dominant season at closer.  Papelbon has 13 saves in 14 opportunities and a 1.96 ERA.

If Utley maintains his lead and is elected, this would be his sixth All-Star appearance.