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Draft Recap: Patience is a Virtue

Sam hinkie

With the 17th pick of the NHL Entry draft, the Flyers select... Oh wait, this is a Sixers blog. Either way, you have the same chance of seeing Travis Sanheim (who the Flyers did draft) in a Sixers uniform this year as you do of seeing either of their first round selections. So what the heck is Hinkie doing, right? Clearly he has a long-term focus and he's sticking his plan. I'll admit, after the Sixers drafted Dario Saric with their second lottery pick (by way of trade with  Orlando), I was resigned to the fact that this is going to be another long season of sixer fandom.

With that being said, I loved the draft results considering the hand Hinkie was dealt. I would have taken Joel Embiid at #3 as well. In the second straight draft, Hinkie got the consensue #1 pick at discount. Embiid has the potential to be a franchise center that all NBA talent evaluators would agree is the most difficult asset to acquire in today's NBA. There certainly are concerns, he's had two injuries in the last 4 months and he's a big man (7'1'', 245lbs) which makes them a little more worrisome. There are a lot of past cases of NBA players who have fractured the navicular bone in their feet. Some have gone onto good, if not legendary careers (see MJ, Tracy McGrady, Big Z) and others have fallen victim to continuous struggles with that same injury (Yao, Brendan Haywood, and others). With today's medicine and the quickness in their identification of the injury, Embiid should have a decent chance of showing no ill effects. 

On the court, Embiid is a tantalizing talent. He's only been playing basketball for four years and made tremendous strides over the course of his freshman year at Kansas. Bill Self stated, and I'm paraphrasing, that Jo is the most talented player he's ever coached, and he coached the #1 pick of this year's draft. Embiid is a big man with a developing post game, he really started shooting over his left shoulder with high effectiveness and it's a shot that is virtually impossible to defend. He's already a decent step out shooter and with a year in Brett Brown's shooting school, that should be a part of his game he really improves on between now and 2015-2016 season. This is critical as they'll need him and Noel to have complementing roles on offense. Now to where the two of them are going to be great together, on defense. Both can defend the 4 or the 5, with the length to contest pick and rolls and the ability to cover others mistakes with their help defense. Thinking about those two 7 footers patrolling the defensive end really gets me excited. 

With their 10th pick, the Sixers selected Elfrid Payton, a point guard. It was clear that this pick was going to be traded and to be honest, Hinkie fleeced Orlando. If you've heard how it played out, Hinkie is the kind of GM that I love. He knew Orlando wanted Payton so Hinkie took him, prior to having a deal in place with Orlando. Then Hinkie just held them hostage, prying away a future 1st and 2nd round pick for payton and their #12 pick where the Sixers selected Dario Saric. Hinkie would have taken Saric at #10 if he knew couldn't swing a deal. That's a pretty great haul to move down 2 spots. 

Now, Saric isn't going to play in the NBA for at least two more years and there's always a chance, as there is with all international prospects, that he may never come over. But this is a guy would would have been chosen in the top 6 if he was going to play this year. Another huge value pick for Hinkie. It will be interesting to see how Saric, a strecth four, fits in with Embiid and Noel. Maybe Hinkie figures he can evaluate those two in the next two years and make a determination later on as to who he should move forward with. Or, Saric could just be another tradeable asset in the next few years. 

On the court, Saric is an extremely skilled 6'11 power/point forward. He can handle the ball, shoot from range and has a plethora of post moves. He's a volume rebounder and is very good on the offensive glass. His man defense is somewhat of an unknown but he doesn't lack effort. The biggest concern I have at this point if I'm the Sixers brass is will he come over in 2 years and how will he fit. That said, it's clear the sixers acquired another skilled big man at a value. In today's NBA, you need to have a superior strenght on your team to be able to contend, if these three guys pan out, the Sixers frontcourt won't be rivaled by any. 

In the second round, the Sixers again did what none of us thought they would, they drafted 5 players. I thought they would have packaged some picks to move back into the first rd or traded some late picks to move up in the second round but they didn't, I guess they were counting on filling out their 2014 roster in the second round. I mean, you do need to dress 12 guys each year. 

And the theme continued in this round too, they drafted players at a huge value. Both McDaniels and Grant are first round talents and were expected by many talent evaluators to be drafted in the first round. I love Cleanthony Early's game and was disappointed they didn't pull the trigger on him but I'm not displeased with these two guys. They will both guard the 3 in the NBA which isn't ideal but they were too good to pass on. Fortunately for Brett Brown, they have different skill sets. K. J McDaniels is a lock-down defender and has terrific length but not much of an outside shot and a suspect ball-handler. Jerami Grant is also long and athletic, he's going to wow us many times this year with his dunking ability. He's suspect on defense when guarding superior oppenents but can help with cleaning up the glass. He will certainly benefit from running the floor with MCW. These are the two guys everyone should be most excited for (aside from Noel) in the upcoming season. 

The Sixers also grabbed anther draft and stash prospect in Vasilije Micic, a 6'6'' pg from Serbia. The book on him is that he's a great passer, excellent in the pick and roll and uses his length well on defense. The knocks, he stuggles to guard quicker guards and needs work on his shooting, sound familiar! He also needs to bulk up so a few years overseas should help. Don't expect him in Philly for another two years, maybe he and Saric can book their tickets together. 

The Sixers did make a trade with their favorite partner, the Pelicans. The Sixers drafted a speedy pg and flipped him for a Sixers draft choice from last year, Pierre Jackson who played in the D-League and overseas last year. Jackson does have some talent and I expect him to see some decent minutes this year coming off the bench. Jackson is an excellent ball handler with great court vision and he does, wait for it, shoot the ball well from range. He's got a real chance to be a contributor moving forward. 

Lastly, the Sixers made a trade with Spurs and acquired Jordan McRae, a 6'5'' shooting guard who was a Senior at Tennessee last year and should immediately make him a veteran presence on the squad. McRae is a great leaper and has a knack for scoring. He was his teams primary option last year and doesn't shy away from taking on defenders. He should see some rotational minutes next year. 

There you have it, 7 picks, 2 from round 1 and 5 from round 2, and an additional first and second round pick from Orlando. Like I said, it's a little frustrating that we won't get to see the two "prizes" from this year's class but Hinkie is building a solid foundation for this club moving forward. Adding another top 5 pick next year to pair with 4 other lottery picks from the last two years makes 2017 seem far away but very exciting. I'm willing to be patient for one more season of losing but Hinkie will need to soon think about the now.

What did you think of the draft? Post your comments or tweet me at @mattlauni or @sixerdelphia

Half-Way Through, It's Time for the Phillies to Give Up on 2014

Photo by Richard Wilkins Jr.
The Phillies hit the halfway point at 36-45 on the season. That's not good. Now they're 36-46, and eight games out of first. The truth is, 2014 is not going to end well for the Phillies. Whatever hope you got from them sweeping Atlanta last week, that should be gone after being swept in four games this week. This is a bad baseball team.

It's time to look forward now. What do you want to be here in 2015? I look at the bullpen and see Giles, Diekman, Hollands, De Fratus, and Martin as future pieces, and they should get the opportunities to learn on the job now. I look at Cole Hamels as the cornerstone of the future rotation (if he's willing to be that guy), and see maybe Buchanan sticking for the future as well. Cliff Lee would depend honestly on his value on the market, and how much of his contract you can move, and the prospects you'd get back. I look at the line-up, and really besides Asche, I'm not sure anyone will be around for another championship run. I'd like to see Ruf get his chance in left once he gets healthy, but other than that, we're a little bit away from seeing any internal improvements. We'll probably have to sign some free agents, and wait it out on some prospects. I'm certainly not giving a Cesar Hernandez a crack at regular playing time, but i'm not sure I buy too far in right now.

In short, the overwhelming majority of our roster should be for sale. We should sell off, and start playing for 2015. That isn't fun, and it isn't what fans want to hear, but it's the responsible decision. It's time to move on from 2008, because that team is done winning.

I Guess Losing is Cool

Hey guys! It's the crew- three outfielders who are all negative WAR players! And they're on a plane, after getting swept for four games with the Braves! And.... and.... they're all smiling!

I'm not saying players should sulk and cry after a bad series, but maybe there's a little more to be said in this case. Remember when Larry Bowa said he didn't understand how Dom Brown could be smiling so much playing like he was? As much as I'm not a big Bowa guy, perhaps he was onto something. Maybe these guys are too happy to be big leaguers, and not driven enough to win.

Not knowing them personally, I can't say that for sure. I can say this though- this team doesn't seem angry that it is bad. That's a real problem. That lack of winning instinct is not something you can fix with the same mix of players.

Phillies Acquire Catching Depth

Just yesterday, Ronny Cedeno got the start at shortstop for the Pillies in the first game of the doubleheader against Atlanta. Today, after being out-righted back to Lehigh Valley, Cedeno has been sent packing in a deal to the Arizona Diamondbacks. In seven games with the major league club, Cedeno had not a single hit in nine plate appearances. With the IronPigs, however, the ten year veteran was hitting .286 with a home run and twenty RBIs. 

From the Diamondbacks, the Phillies acquired some more catching depth. According to Greg Joyce, a writer for The Express-Times, and a handful of other sources, Raywilly Gomez will head to Reading in the deal. Gomez has never made a major league appearance, and has been with the Diamondbacks organization for his entire career, spanning nearly seven seasons. Gomez had slowly been working his way up the D-Backs' minor league system, having moved from their rookie league up to Double A Mobile BayBears for parts of the past two seasons. Raywilly had been batting .273 with the BayBears, while posting an OBP of .355 and collecting 22 RBIs on three home runs. 

As a catcher, Gomez seems to be showing signs of potential. In his 325 career games behind the plate, he has a fielding percentage of .991, while catching 25% of the runners attempting to steal against him. While catching is his primary position, Raywilly has spent time at third (113 games), second (13), and first base (2), with a few starts as a designated hitter (9). The acquisition comes at a time when catchers in the Phillies system are getting hurt left and right. Carlos Ruiz just hit the seven-day disabled list, Cameron Rupp has been on the DL with Lehigh Valley, and Tommy Joseph has a long history of concussion issues. Raywilly Lopez may play a bigger role with the organization than it seems.


Andrew Gillen, Managing Editor of

Marlon Byrd Homers Twice in Phillies Loss

After losing the first three games on the four game series against the Atlanta Braves (44-38), the Phillies (36-46) looked to rebound and prevent the sweep. The Phillies sent rookie right-hander, David Buchanan (4-4 4.86 ERA) to the hill. Buchanan won his last three starts and entered today looking for his fifth career win. Braves veteran Aaron Harang (7-6 3.69 ERA) opposed him. Harang had great numbers to start the season, but has fallen back to Earth a little.

The Game: The Braves struck first in the top of the second inning. With one out, Tommy La Stella worked a walk and pitcher Aaron Harang singled him up to second. B.J. Upton then tripled to center field to plate the first two runs of the game. 2-0 Braves

The Phillies struck right back in the bottom of the second. With one out, Marlon Byrd crushed a ball to deep left center to cut the Braves’ lead in half. 2-1 Braves

In the fourth, the Braves added to their lead. Tommy La Stella doubled to left field. Catcher Gerald Leird followed with double to allow La Stella to score. 3-1 Braves

Again, the bottom of the inning the Phillies got a run back. With one out, Marlon Byrd hit his second home run of the day into the bullpen. 3-2 Braves

In the seventh inning, Jimmy Rollins singled with one out to bring up Chase Utley. Utley would single for his 1,500th career hit. Unfortunately, Ryan Howard grounded into a double play to end the inning. 3-2 Braves

In the ninth inning, closer Craig Kimbrel came for the Braves. After getting the first two outs, Ben Revere and Jimmy Rollins singled to bring up Chase Utley up. The Phillies failed to complete the comeback as Utley flew out to Jason Heyward to end the game. 3-2 Braves FINAL

Significant Offensive Stats:

Ben Revere 3-5

Jimmy Rollins 3-5, 2B

Chase Utley 1-5, Career hit 1,500

Marlon Byrd: 2-4, 2 HR

Domonic Brown 2-3, BB

 Impact: After losing today’s game, the Phillies were swept by divisional rival, Atlanta Braves. After going on that mini hot streak, the Phillies have fallen off again and their struggles to get hits at home have continued. Being under .500 at home is a large portion of the Phillies problems this season and that will need to change ASAP if the Phillies look to compete in a weak NL East.

Up Next: With tomorrow being a day off, the Phillies will fly to Miami to face the Marlins (7:05 pm CSN). The Phillies will send A.J. Burnett (5-7 3.89 ERA) to the rubber. The Marlins will counter with Henderson Alvarez (5-3 2.32 ERA).

Andrew Shipotofsky is a writer for Philliedelphia. Follow him on Twitter @Ashipotofsky

Sixth Inning Shakeup (and Shoddy Offense) Costs the Phillies' Chance at Doubleheader Split


Sean O'Sullivan was the recipient of the Phillies minor league callup for last nights final game of the doubleheader with the Atlanta Braves. With six games set to be played in five day, the team needed a spot-starter. Headed into last night's contest, O'Sullivan had previously made 37 major league start for a combination of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the Kansas City Royals, and the San Diego Padres. With Lehigh Valley this season, O'Sullivan racked up a record of 3-6 with 87.2 innings pitched and an ERA of 4.31 (plus, a FIP of 4.36).

The Game: It got off to a bit of a rocky start for Sean O'Sullivan in the first. Jordan Shafer led the game off with a single, and the next to consecutive outs moved him around to third base. He had an opportunity to get out of the frame unscathed, but but a single by Justin Upton just over the head of Cesar Hernandez allowed Shafer to score, giving Atlanta the early 1-0 lead. 

Just a couple of innings later, the Phillies would be able to tie the contest against the Braves' David Hale, making his fifth start of the season. Cameron Rupp and Ben Revere each singles in the bottom of the third inning to put runners on first and third with one away for Jimmy Rollins. A sacrifice fly out into right field was not the ideal outcome, but it brought home the team's first run, and it pulled the score even at one a side.

After the night was over, you could easily say Sean O'Sullivan was above average, as far as spot-starters go. Through five innings pitched, O'Sullivan had only allowed the one earned run, and was just two batters over the minimum from innings two through five. Even going into the sixth, the righty retired the first two batters. After that, however, the question "Did Ryne Sandberg leave him in the game too long?" began to spring up. With two away, both Justin Upton and Ryan Doumit cleanly singled off of O'Sullivan. Sandberg decided to let O'Sullivan to continue, but it wouldn't end well. The next batter, Chris Johnson, would single as well, bringing home Upton and spelling the end of O'Sullivan's night. Mario Hollands came in and allowed a double to Tommy La Stella, which moved O'Sullivan's final line score to read four earned runs.

The Braves would tack on another run in the eighth, when Ryan Doumit led off with a monster home run off of B.J. Rosenberg. 5-1 was the score after Doumit's third dinger of the season, and it would remain that way the rest of the game. The Phillies' less-than-stellar offense provided just six hits and a single earned run in a losing effort. It is their third loss to the Braves in two days time.

Impact: The offense strikes again. While the final box score reads four runs allowed for O'Sullivan, he pitched much better than that. Both is FIP and xFIP rated lower than his ERA of over six, suggesting O'Sullivan had a spectacular game. In the end, though, it was the lack of offensive output that resulted in not only a loss for O'Sullivan, but a series loss to a divisional opponent at home.

Up Next: A near must-win game for the Phillies, as they look to salvage at least one game against the Atlanta Braves. Rookie David Buchanan looks to stretch out his hot streak of starts, while the Phillies must continue to pound Aaron Harang as they have in the past. The game is set to begin at 1:35 PM Eastern.

Andrew Gillen, Managing Editor of

David Buchanan and Phils Look to Avoid Sweep Against Braves, Aaron Harang


The Phillies were swept in yesterday's day-night doubleheader 10-3 and 5-1, respectively. Falling to 36-45 at the season's mid-way mark, the Phillies are now on pace to lose 90 games. The Phillies' bats failed to show up to the park yesterday, as they mounted just four runs. In the finale of the doubleheader the Phils sent out Sean O'Sullivan, who allowed four earned runs through 5 2/3 innings to take the loss. The only offense came from a Jimmy Rollins sac fly. 

Today the Phillies will look to avoid a four-game sweep at the hands of the Braves. David Buchanan (4-3, 4.79 ERA) will make his eigth start of the year as he takes on the Braves for the first time in his career. Buchanan has won his last three starts and has a 3.06 ERA over that stretch of 17+ innings. His last time out, against the Marlins, Buchanan allowed two earned runs on six hits through five innings. Buchanan walked four and struck out two en route to his fourth win of the year. 

Aaron Harang is 2-1 with a 5.82 ERA in his last three starts, including a win his last time out. On Tuesday, against Houston, Harang spent six innings on the hill, allowing two runs on six hits while striking out five. The last time the Phillies faced Harang was back on Wednesday the 18th where they hit him for eight earned runs on thirteen hits in five innings. In his career against the Phillies, Harang is 4-3 with a 5.47 ERA.

Today's lineups:

Phillies lineup:

  1. Ben Revere CF
  2. Jimmy Rollins SS
  3. Chase Utley 2B
  4. Ryan Howard 1B
  5. Marlon Byrd RF
  6. Cody Asche 3B
  7. Domonic Brown LF
  8. Koyie Hill C
  9. David Buchanan P.

Braves lineup:

  1. B.J. Upton CF
  2. Ramiro Pena 3B
  3. Freddie Freeman 1B
  4. Justin Upton LF
  5. Jason Heyward RF
  6. Andrelton Simmons SS
  7. Tommy La Stella 2B
  8. Gerald Laird C
  9. Aaron Harang P.

First Pitch: 1:35 PM ET
Location: Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA
Weather: 84° - Sunny - 0% Precip

Erik Seybold is a writer for Follow him on Twitter @ErikSeyboldPHI.

This Week in Flyers' History Week Ending July 6th

This Week in Flyers History

By Mike Watson


The 2014 NHL Draft was front and center the past few days at the WellsFargoCenter. The realization of a lifelong dream for many young men from all corners of the globe, to be drafted into the NHL, were about to come true. No matter if you are drafted first overall or taken long after the TV Cameras have left, you can still make an impact for the team that selects you. The heart, desire and work ethic of a player cannot be measured at a combine or with a scale. Below are some notable players taken in the later rounds that made an impact with the Flyers, made hockey a career and defied the odds.


1990 Round 3 Selection # 47    D Chris Therien

Affectionately nicknamed “Bundy”, Chris spent all but eleven games of his NHL career with the orange and black. He was drafted out of the NorthwoodSchool in Lake PlacidNY in 1990 and moved onto college, playing three years for the Providence Friars. He won Silver with the Canadian National Team in 1994 in Lillehammer, Norway. With the NHL lockout in 94-95, Chris went to the Hershey Bears to start the season , then joined the Flyers once the NHL season started, playing in all 48 games and 15 more in the playoffs. Over his career as a Flyer, many fans will remember his ‘assignment’ to match up against Jaromir Jagr as they had countless battles in the corners and around the net. “Bundy” used his 6 foot 5 frame to lean on Jagr and check him as much as he could – with pretty good success. One of the more rugged, physical Flyers of recent memory, Chris played in 753 regular season games as a Flyer defenseman, the most by a defenseman for this storied franchise. Like many former Flyers, Chris has stayed local after his NHL career and chose to raise a family here. With his knowledge of 12 NHL seasons under his belt, Chris is currently the color commentator for the radio broadcast of the Flyers, bringing the same energy to that job as he did wearing #6 for the orange and black.



1983 Round 6  Selection # 121   RW Rick Tocchet

Rick was drafted by the Flyers from the Sault Ste.Marie Greyhounds in the Ontario Hockey League. After being drafted, we went back to the “Soo” for another season, registering 44 goals in 64 games – along with 209 penalty minutes. In the 1984-85 season, he made the Flyers squad and scored 14 goals in 75 regular season games. The Flyers made the Stanley Cup Finals that year, where he contributed 7 more points in 19 games. As a physical presence along the right wing, Rick was never shy to drop his gloves to go along with his goal scoring. He spent his first 7 plus seasons in Philly, before being traded to the Penguins in 1992, where he lifted the Cup with Mario and Company after sweeping the Blackhawks. He went on to play for the Kings,Bruins,Capitals and Coyotes before rejoining the Flyers in 2000. For his career, he played in 1144 regular season games totaling 952 points.Last week, Rick was hired on to be an assistant coach in Pittsburgh, some four years removed from his last coaching gig in Tampa Bay with the Lightning. Although Rick was a favorite in Philly, he'll have withstand the shower of boos headed that way when Crosby and Malkin come to town this season.



1985 Round 9 Selection # 189   D Gord Murphy

Gord was drafted out of the OHL after his first year for the Oshawa Generals. He went back to Juniors and played for Oshawa and then moved to the Flyers’ AHL affiliate, the Hershey Bears for a season. He made the big club in the 88-89 season and for the next three years, played in 230 of the 240 possible regular season games. He was awarded the Barry Ashbee Award by the Flyers as their top defenseman for the 89-90 season. Always a steady defender, Gord also chipped in with offense, scoring a career high 14 goals from the backline that year. He went on to Boston in a January 1992 trade, then onto the Florida Panthers as a selection in the 1993 expansion draft. He played six seasons there before a stint in Atlanta for the Thrashers and finished his career back in Boston in 2002. Gord stuck around to play in 862 regular season games, 53 more in the playoffs and enjoyed a long career in the NHL.

His son Connor, was a top draft pick ( 20th overall) in the 2011 NHL Draft  by the Coyotes and after stints as an assistant coach with Columbus and Florida, Gord has joined the Flyers and will be an assistant coach for the 2014-15 season.



Mike Watson is a contributing writer for Flyerdelphia. Follow him on twitter @Mwats_99

Errors and Antonio Bastardo Blow Game 1, Phillies Look to Rebound in Game 2

Last night, the Phillies (36-44) opened a four game series with a 4-2 loss to the Atlanta Braves (42-38). After giving up four early runs, Kyle Kendrick (3-8 4.22 ERA) settled down and went eight innings striking out career high eight batters. In the first game of today’s doubleheader, Roberto Hernandez (3-7 4.26 ERA) got the start for the Phillies. Hernandez had very strong performance on the mound today, going seven innings giving up four runs, two earned on three hits. He was opposed by Braves righty, Ervin Santana (6-5 4.05 ERA).

Game 1 Recap: The Phillies got on the board right away in the bottom of the first inning. With one out, Tony Gwynn Jr., tripled to deep right center field. Then with two outs, Ryan Howard hit a blooper to drive in Gwynn. 1-0 Phillies

The Phillies struck again in the second inning. With one out, Koyie Hill doubled down the right field line. Then with two outs, pitcher Roberto Hernandez singled in Hill for his second big league hit and his first major league RBI. 2-0 Phillies

The fourth inning was one to forget for first baseman Ryan Howard. With one out, Andrelton Simmons singled and Freddie Freeman reach on an error through the legs of Ryan Howard. Justin Upton then reached on a second error by Howard off the heel of his glove. Jason Heyward then grounded out, but Freeman scored to tie the game 2-2 TIE

The sixth inning, the Braves would take the lead and never look back. B.J. Upton singled to lead off the inning. Simmons then erased when Upton grounded into a force play. Freeman then worked a walk, and Justin Upton doubled to play two runs for the Braves. 4-2 Braves

In the eighth inning, Antonio Bastardo and Luis Garcia imploded giving up five runs on three hits and three walks. All five runs were charged to the line of Bastardo. The big hit for the Braves was bases clearing triple by Tommy La Stella. The Phillies got back a run in the bottom of the inning after Chase Utley singled to lead off the inning, and scored on a ground out by Cody Asche. 9-3 Braves

The Braves would add to their lead in the ninth. Freeman walked with one out and moved to third on a ground out and wild pitch by Luis Garica. Heyward would walk to bring up Chris Johnson, who doubled to score Freeman. Shae Simmons closed the game for the Braves, getting a strike out, a fly out, and a ground out. 10-3 Braves FINAL

Significant Offensive Stats:

Ben Revere: 2-5

Tony Gywnn Jr.: 2-3, 3B, R

Kollie Hill: 1-3, 2B, BB, R

Impact: With the loss, the Phillies struggles at home continue. Most of the reason the Phillies are below .500 is they aren’t winning at home this season and have a better record on the road. The Phillies will look to take game two to have a hope to split the series against the Braves.

Game 2 Preview:

Sean O’Sullivan will get the call for the Phillies to spot start in game two. O’Sullivan struggled some during spring training. In 13 innings, O’Sullivan gave up ten runs on 19 hits including two home runs. This season at Leigh Valley, O’Sullivan has posted 4.31 ERA in ten games. The Braves will counter with bullpen arm, David Hale (2-2 3.14 ERA). Hale started two games for the Braves last season, but this season has only gone 2.1 innings in his deepest outing. It could turn into a bullpen game for the well-rested Braves’ bullpen.

Game Notes:

  • Mike Adams saw Doctor Ciccotti and has not yet been cleared to throw yet. Adams says he feels good, but Ciccotti found one extreme position when moving the shoulder where he had some concern.
  • Cliff Lee long tossed before game 1 of today’s doubleheader.
  • Top Propsect Christian Bethancourt was called up and starting game 2 behind the dish.
  • Phillies Lost Game 1 10-3 to the Braves

Phillies Lineup:

  1. Ben Revere CF
  2. Jimmy Rollins SS
  3. Marlon Byrd RF
  4. Ryan Howard 1B
  5. John Mayberry Jr. LF
  6. Cody Asche 3B
  7. Cesar Hernandez 2B
  8. Cameron Rupp C
  9. Sean O'Sullivan

Braves Lineup:

  1. Jordan Schaffer CF
  2. Andrelton Simmons SS
  3. Freddie Freeman 1B
  4. Justin Upton LF
  5. Ryan Doumit RF
  6. Chris Johnson 3B
  7. Tommy La Stella 2B
  8. Christian Bethancourt C
  9. David Hale P

First Pitch: 7:15 PM ET

Location: Citizen’s Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA 

Weather: 86o F Sunny and Clear


Radio: 1210 WPHT, 94 WIP


Andrew Shipotofsky is a writer for Philliedelphia. Follow him on Twitter @Ashipotofsky