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Mailbag: Rob Zepp, Peter White, Michael Del Zotto

To our loyal Flyerdelphia readers, Happy New Year! There are plenty of big things in store for the site coming in 2015, so stay tuned! Now, for the first of many times this year, let's dig into the Flyerdelphia mailbag.

Any shot that [Rob] Zepp gets another start? - Pat W. (@ActualyRealPWig)

Not anytime soon. Following Steve Mason's return to the lineup on Monday, Zepp was returned to the Lehigh Valley Phantoms. The only way he'll be back with the Flyers is via injury to Mason or Ray Emery.

There's no denying how terrific Zepp's first NHL start was, when he turned away 25 of 28 shots against a surging Winnipeg Jets team. At 33-years-old, it makes for a fascinating story, and shows the team that he can be capable when needed. It's tough to call if he'll make another start -- that's contingent on if/when he comes up, and how the schedule looks at that time.

Expect Zepp to stick around Lehigh Valley for a while, and continue to serve as a mentor for Anthony Stolarz. For now though, his lone NHL start is left to stand as a one-game wonder.

Is [Jason] Akeson the next Peter White? - @theREALvasile

This question is magnificent, on so many levels. Peter White's a name I haven't heard for a long time. He, along with Neil Little and John Stevens, were the only players to win both of the Philadelphia Phantoms' two Calder Cup trophies -- though Stevens won as a player before winning as a coach.

You may remember Peter White as a player with plenty of American League experience -- scoring 153 goals and a remarkable 472 points in 431 games as a Phantom over parts of seven seasons. Those numbers didn't exactly translate to the NHL level, as White posted 10 goals and 31 points in 101 games in the Orange and Black. Akeson, on the other hand, has 64 goals and 183 points in 221 games with the Phantoms, yet has struggled to find a place in the Flyers' lineup. He still has potential to do big things on NHL ice, but until then, has seen his best days in the AHL -- not quite on Peter White's level, but similar enough.

Bonus -- at one point, Peter White was once married to Bobby Clarke's daughter, Jodi.

Craig Berube said that the defense is playing too well, which prevents [Michael Del Zotto] from getting ice time. Do you agree with that statement? - T.J. O.

Watch any game, and it's obvious to see that the Flyers' weak link is on defense. It's also easy to speculate that several top defensemen are more suited as third-pair defensemen on other teams. Both of those claims have merit behind them.

But obviously, Craig Berube isn't going to go on record to lambast the defense. That's one of the easiest ways to lose a dressing room. Remember Terry Murray and the "choking situation?"

It's frustrating for Michael Del Zotto, as he spends time in the press box despite steady play this season. He could still find his way back on the ice, though, though the defense around him will still continue to be shaky.

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Cool.... Why does Bellemare wear #78? That's a really ODD number for a Forward in the NHL

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