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Philadelphia Eagles Scouting Report: WR Nelson Agholor

After Chip Kelly's attempt at Marcus Mariota failed to come to fruition, the Eagles used the 20th overall pick in Thursday's first round to address a team need.

The Eagles lost Jeremy Maclin in free agency to Kansas City. They may have grabbed his replacement.

The Eagles selected wide receiver Nelson Agholor with their first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Here's a closer look at the Eagles first-round pick.

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Philadelphia Eagles select Nelson Agholor, WR, USC

The Philadelphia Eagles just grabbed wide receiver Nelson Agholor, the wide receiver from U.S.C. 

This is a fantastic pick. Next to Mariota, I pegged Trae Waynes or Algohor as my favorite Eagles prospects. Eagles fans should be absolutely thrilled.

Agholor had a monster season last year: 104 catches, 1,313 yards, 12.6 yards per catch and 12 touchdowns. 

I covered Agholor in our 7 Round Mock Draft: Agholor reminds me a lot of the recently departed Jeremy Maclin. They are the same height (6’0), ran almost identical 40s (4.42 v. 4.45), are known for being precise route runners, and not known for having elite speed/separation skills. Agholor also checks off a lot of other “Chipisms”: he is a smart, high character guy with versatility, as he is known to be a great punt returner. He has also drawn comparisons to future Hall of Famer Reggie Wayne by numerous media outlets, which isn't too bad if you ask me.

I am telling you, Eagles fans. You are going to love Agholor here. With a combination of Matthews, Agholor and Huff, the Eagles wide receiver group has a very bright future.

Patrick Causey is a writer at and can be followed on Twitter @PhillySportsJD

Potential Targets Remaining for Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles did not do the deal for Marcus Mariota. Womp, womp.

But fear not, Eagles fans. There is still plenty of talented players left for the Eagles to target. Here is a quick primer on five potential targets for the Eagles:

1. Nelson Algohor, WR, USC: I covered Algohor in our 7 Round Mock Draft: I wanted the Eagles to target the safety position here, but as I will explain in more detail later this week, Landon Collins is the only viable first round safety, but his limited coverage skills make him a mismatch for the Eagles scheme. Enter Agholor. He reminds me a lot of the recently departed Jeremy Maclin. They are the same height (6’0), ran almost identical 40s (4.42 v. 4.45), are known for being precise route runners, and not known for having elite speed/separation skills. Agholor also checks off a lot of other “Chipisms”: he is a smart, high character guy with versatility, as he is known to be a great punt returner. He has also drawn comparisons to future Hall of Famer Reggie Wayne by numerous media outlets, which isn't too bad if you ask me.

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The Eagles Did NOT Do the Deal

It didn't happen. The Eagles missed their guy. The Tennessee Titans crushed the Eagles' hopes by taking Mariota #2 overall.

There is still hope -- nothing precludes the Titans for trading Mariota to the Eagles. But for now, it looks unlikely. 

On the bright side, the Eagles did not have to mortgage the future to obtain Mariota. They still have Fletcher Cox. They still have Mychal Kendricks. They still have their first round picks for the foreseeable future.

It hurts not to get Mariota. But there is still hope the Eagles will be successful. The Eagles now turn their sites towards their #20 pick. Secondary, offensive line, and wide receiver seem to be the three biggest needs for the Eagles. 

Mariota Deal Just Became More Likely


Mariota Deal Just Became More Likely

There we sat, glued to twitter, hoping for news of yes or no and a tweet from Jeff Darlington pierced the thread like a spotlight in the darkest night.

When a GM admits he cannot go wrong, he's broken a bit of information unknowingly. What he is saying is that he is delighted with the options, and if it is retracted, he will simply make the pick he originally intended to make.

The source is reliable, and the reality is that information that is shared is never the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  So we are left to reading the "between the lines".

Tenessee general manager gave plenty between his lines.   He's not going after either quarterback.   He's interested in maximizing his draft pick value.  But most of all, he is hinting that he is happy with the offer he has faced.

I believe the offer that is on the table that piques his interest is that extended by the Eagles.

This could be the night for a miracle.

Carpenter, Adams, Holliday help Cardinals roll past Phillies

The struggle continued for David Buchanan on Thursday.

The Cardinals 2-3-4 hitters - Matt Carpenter, Matt Holliday and Matt Adams - for seven hits, six runs scored and six RBI as the Cardinals continued to pound the Phillies with consistent offense.

A three-run first inning deficit was erased, but only to see the right-hander give up four more runs in another 3 1/3 innings before exiting in line for what would be his fifth loss of the season as the Cardinals claimed the series with a 9-3 win on Thursday afternoon at Busch Stadium.

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Buchanan faces rookie Cooney in Phillies series finale with Cardinals

If the Phillies (8-14) series opener was about Cole Hamels potentially auditioning for a team that may have a need for his services in the near future, Thursday's series finale is about the immediate fill-in.

The Phillies will face Cardinals (14-6) left-hander Tim Cooney in his major-league debut as they look to split the series in St. Louis on Thursday afternoon. First pitch is at 1:45 p.m.

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And so, it's the day, it's within hours. And while you will read and fantasize about the many ways the Eagles end up with a certain you know who from you know where, I am not going to punish you by sharing my version of what it will take to get there to do "IT".

But what if "IT" doesn't happen?  Well fear not.  I've rolled the dice, shaken the daylights out of the magic 8 ball.  I've even scared the wits out of my wife when she discovered me outside under the Aurora Borealis tapping the mystic art of the Ouiji board.

And if Mariota is not the pick of the Philadelphia Eagles, these could likely be who we end up with:

20: R1P20

Some of the first mock drafts I had read had cornerback Marcus Peters going to Philadelphia, and the cosmos apparently paid attention. Peters is a talented cornerback who showed up time and time again in film as NFL ready. With excellent mentors such as Byron Maxwell, Brandon Boykin, and Walter Thurmond, his volatile temper will be forged into on-field energy. The Eagles will need strong defense to succeed in this NFL. Peters brings them closer to the ultimate prize.
52: R2P20

Competition and Excellence. That's what the Eagles get in round two. Originally I did not have Agholor as an Eagles target, but the fans persuaded me to look more closely. Potentially a first rounder who falls to the second round, this could be the steal of the draft. Agholor will compete for the slot receiver position but with time and patience his work ethic and crisp routes could give him better upside than many have assigned to him.
84: R3P20

In the third round, I could see the Eagles opening the phone lines to offers to other teams. I don't like the value on the board in the third round, but in a mock simulator that only allows picks, the Eagles go the deep default pick and select an offensive lineman. Grasu is a good one, and his knowledge of Philly's zone read offense cannot be ignored. With Jason Kelce in place, Grasu can learn the NFL comfortably, knowing that he will not be thrown into a starting role prematurely.
113: R4P14

The Eagles return to the offensive line when they pick the Big Badger Rob Havenstein. This is another minor steal, as Havenstein has been projected in some mocks as a late pick in round two.  Kelly loves offensive linemen, and this kid brings the potential to slide in to start at right tackle when Lane Johnson is asked to assume the left tackle position when Jason Peters retires.
He won't be forced to start too soon, but he will be very good when he does.
145: R5P9

The Eagles finally return to the defensive backfield in time to select the free safety from the Nittany Lions, Adrian Amos.  Projected as high as round three, this safety is all about coverage.  While he needs to gain a physical presence in run defense, he will be more than adequate to compete for a roster spot and assume a role in special teams until his time comes.
156: R5P20

Back to the offensive line in round six, the Eagles pick up a good guard in Missouri's Mitch Morse. A huge 6'5" lineman, he is very good and penetrating to the second level on run blocks and has good upside as he grows and develops in the Eagles system. A solid pick up who could end up on the 53 man roster.
196: R6P20

The Eagles find a Terrapin in the later round, but he's no turtle. Stefon Diggs is dynamite in space, and is a good player for depth on a surprisignly thin receiver corps. Not only is Diggs dangerous on third downs, but his style gives great intrigue to a special teams return back as well.

237: R7P20

And with the last pick of the 2015 NFL draft, the Eagles select a player who could obsolete last year's first round pick when the select an outside linebacker from North Dakota State. He has a small school history, but film indicates he's got NFL caliber moves. He can set the edge, rush the passer and thump runners. And there you have it. A non Mariota NFL draft that, if all free agents remain healthy, could place the Eagles back into a playoff hunt once more.

Draft Prospect Profile: Ivan Provorov

Our series on potential Flyers first-round picks continues as we take a look at another potential prospect.

Already, we've covered two forwards with a lot of potential in Mikko Rantanen and Lawson Crouse.

The Flyers have said they are interested in forwards, but could also take the best player available. So what if the best player available is a defenseman?

With that, here's our first defensive prospect to watch, 18-year-old Russian defenseman Ivan Provorov

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Marcus Mariota: An In-Depth Profile and Scouting Report, Part II

This is Part II of a two-series breaking down Marcus Mariota. For those of you that missed it, Part I details how Mariota went from a backup quarterback on his high school football team to the Heisman trophy winner and potential top-5 pick in the NFL Draft.  Part II turns to the tape and scouting reports to see if Mariota's game will translate to the NFL. 

Marcus Mariota is one of the most polarizing prospects in this draft. Some, including Tony Dungy, have compared Mariota to Aaron Rodgers

Others see a "system quarterback" that is going to need time to adjust to "pro style offenses" before he can meaningfully contribute in the league. Pull up any scouting report on Mariota and you will likely see the following (per

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