Philadelphia Eagles select Nelson Agholor, WR, USC
Andy Reid reportedly discouraged the Titans from trading pick to Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Scouting Report: WR Nelson Agholor

After Chip Kelly's attempt at Marcus Mariota failed to come to fruition, the Eagles used the 20th overall pick in Thursday's first round to address a team need.

The Eagles lost Jeremy Maclin in free agency to Kansas City. They may have grabbed his replacement.

The Eagles selected wide receiver Nelson Agholor with their first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Here's a closer look at the Eagles first-round pick.

The 6'0", 198-pound receiver from USC had 104 receptions and 1,313 yards and 12 touchdowns in his junior year.

In his first two seasons at USC, Agholor had 75 receptions for 1,258 yards and eight touchdowns.

Agholor has a similar skill set to Maclin, explosive off the line and versatile in his abilities. He can line up in all situations, outside and in the slot. He strong on his routes and uses speed to create separation on defenders.

He's a very natural receivers in his ability to know the position, run various routes, think quick on his feet and make the difficult catches.

His speed does become a question on longer routes where more separation is needed. He's much stronger in his abilities there on a shorter field, but he can easily be a deeper threat for the Eagles in an offense that currently lacks a true deep man.

He could also afford to add some extra weight, but ultimately, because his size is comparable to Maclin and his abilities are similar, he can essentially assume the role.

As an added bonus, he's an excellent punt returner, adding to an already strong special teams core for the Eagles.

Wide receiver was definitely a need, and while the Eagles could have still grabbed a strong receiver in the second round, Agholor wasn't going to make it to 52 or anywhere close. So while the opportunity was there, Kelly took it. 

Chances are this pick won't turn out like Kelly's first-round pick a year ago. Agholor's Pac-12 background will only help in Kelly's offense and he should fit in right away.

Kevin Durso is a contributing writer and editorial assistant for Eagledelphia. Follow him on Twitter @Kevin_Durso.


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