The Eagles Did NOT Do the Deal
Philadelphia Eagles select Nelson Agholor, WR, USC

Potential Targets Remaining for Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles did not do the deal for Marcus Mariota. Womp, womp.

But fear not, Eagles fans. There is still plenty of talented players left for the Eagles to target. Here is a quick primer on five potential targets for the Eagles:

1. Nelson Algohor, WR, USC: I covered Algohor in our 7 Round Mock Draft: I wanted the Eagles to target the safety position here, but as I will explain in more detail later this week, Landon Collins is the only viable first round safety, but his limited coverage skills make him a mismatch for the Eagles scheme. Enter Agholor. He reminds me a lot of the recently departed Jeremy Maclin. They are the same height (6’0), ran almost identical 40s (4.42 v. 4.45), are known for being precise route runners, and not known for having elite speed/separation skills. Agholor also checks off a lot of other “Chipisms”: he is a smart, high character guy with versatility, as he is known to be a great punt returner. He has also drawn comparisons to future Hall of Famer Reggie Wayne by numerous media outlets, which isn't too bad if you ask me.

2. Byron Jones, CB/S, UConn: Jones could step in day 1 as a starter opposite of Byron Maxwell. But he also has been getting play as a potential safety, which is arguably the biggest hole in the Eagles roster. In a way, Jones reminds me of a player the Eagles pursued hard this offseason: Devin McCourty. McCourty played corner in college and in his first few years for the Patriots. But he made the switch to safety and is now one of the best in the league. Michael Coggin broke had the following to say about Jones in our Mock Draft: Jones was a breakout Combine performance in February was enough to draw Chip Kelly, Ed Marynowitz, Billy Davis, & Tom Donahue away from Florida State’s talent-riddled Pro Day: instead opting to visit Jones in the friendly confines of Storrs, Connecticut.  Jones (6’0”, 197 lbs) has the size & secondary utility—having played both cornerback & safety for the Huskies—the Eagles covet. 

3. Jake Fisher, OT, Oregon: I pegged him as a second rounder in our Mock Draft. But he has been getting a lot of play in the first round as of late. Here is what I said before: Yes, he went to Oregon, but make no mistake: he is a first round talent, and if the Eagles can get him in round 2, they would be ecstatic. Fisher is an athletic offensive lineman that excels in a zone blocking run scheme and has the versatility Chip Kelly craves (with experience playing guard and tackle). With the loss of Todd Herramens and potential departure of Evan Mathis, the Eagles could use a “well-schooled tackle who can come in and compete for a starting position right away.

4. Shane Ray, OLB, Mizz: Had he not gotten arrested for possession of marijuana, Ray would have been a lock to go in the top 10. He's an absolute stud. Michael Collins provides the full break down on Ray: "It's hard to find many play weaknesses for Ray, but his lack of overall length is one area that some teams have concerns about. He pursues the quarterback and the ball like it's his last snap. An alpha male packaged in an explosive frame, Ray has the traits and skills to be a dominant pass rusher and potential Pro Bowler. He also has the athleticism and strength to play in any defensive front."

5. Randy Gregory, OLB/DE, Nebraska: Like Ray, Gregory is only an option for the Eagles because of considerable off-field issues. Had it not been for the red flags, Gregory could have been a top five pick. I broke down Gregory before, and came to the following conclusion:  "There is no doubting that Gregory has Pro Bowl potential written all over him and will be able to be obtained at a discount given his issues with failed drug tests. In a way, it reminds me of Dez Bryant -- an elite talent that fell during the draft because of off field concerns. I think if you asked the Cowboys, they have no regrets taking him 24th overall. But will Kelly take the risk? We all know that Kelly places a big emphasis on culture. Some people have mistaken that as meaning he only wants squeaky clean guys. But that is not necessarily the case... The Eagles brought Gregory in for a visit, so they obviously have some interest. Assuming they feel comfortable with his background, the Eagles should absolutely consider Gregory at 20. It is very hard to get an elite pass rusher unless you are near the top of the draft. This could be the rare opportunity to do so, and Gregory might be worth the risk, off-field issues notwithstanding."


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