Weekly Report Card: F for Frustrating

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Where do you even begin with this game? A total lack of execution by the Eagles offense led to another loss.

The frustration behind another game where the Eagles could have easily turned the tide, on several occasions no less, just makes matters even worse.

In what was their ugliest, most disappointing and frustrating game since Chip Kelly took over as head coach, it's time to dish out the ugly truth on the report card.

Here are this week's grades.

Pass Offense: The drops continued across the board for receivers, but Sam Bradford never really established any rhythm. All three turnovers in the game came on Bradford and the offensive line. A bad snap gave the ball away on a fumble when the Eagles had squeezed just a little bit of life back out of the game. The two interceptions hurt equally. F

Run Offense: The Eagles finished the game with seven rushing yards. Seven. That pretty much speaks for itself. The offensive line didn't protect the running backs enough to allow Chip Kelly to even use DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews or Darren Sproles. And when they were used, they went nowhere. F

Pass Defense: Byron Maxwell had his struggles, but ultimately, they were responsible for a couple of opportunities that the Eagles offense wasted. The front seven applied more pressure to Tony Romo than they did to Matt Ryan, and give credit to Jordan Hicks for the sack that forced a fumble when they Eagles desperately needed a momentum swing through a turnover. Maxwell and Malcolm Jenkins teamed up on a fumble recovery as well. With no Dez Bryant, there wasn't much of a deep threat, and on Dallas' only offensive touchdown of the game, the defense had been so overworked to that point, it was almost excusable. C+

Run Defense: 109 rushing yards by the Cowboys is a solid job for the Eagles defense, especially after losses of Mychal Kendricks and Kiko Alonso. This really was a tremendous game for the defense as a whole. It's a shame the offense wasted the effort. B-

Special Teams: Cody Parkey only had one field-goal attempt and connected from 46 yards, certainly an improvement on last week's late-game debacle. And aside from a punt that was blocked and returned for a touchdown, it was a decent day for the punt team. The problem is that their only miscue cost the team seven points. B

Overall: Remember when the Eagles faded into the abyss of the 2012 season by losing 11 of the last 12 games of the season? This game felt like that. With nothing going right, it was frustrating and downright boring, the exact opposite feeling a home opener and rivalry game should produce. D

Kevin Durso is managing editor for Eagledelphia. Follow him on Twitter @Kevin_Durso.

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