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Sixers Inbox is back open again and we are addressing your questions submitted on Twitter. Feel free to send a Tweet to @Sixerdelphia at any time to be included in the nextSixers Inbox. Let's get started...

Are you surprised that the Sixers haven't filled their open roster spot?


A little bit yes and a little bit no here. The Sixers have, or should I say had, some impressive talent on their D-League affiliate in Delaware. Both Sean Kilpatrick and Jordan McRae are in the top five in the D-League in scoring, but neither have been given a look by the Sixers. Instead, Kilpatrick is signing with the Nets while McRae recently signed a 10-day contract with Cleveland shortly after finishing up a 10-day with the Suns. A few of the Sixers reporters asked Brett Brown why they haven't filled the spot, and it seems like they simply don't need to according to the head coach.

While giving Kilpatrick or McRae a chance makes sense, at the same time, the focus is on developing the current team for the future. Finding a way for Noel and Okafor to play well together while also developing guys like Richaun Holmes is most important.  

Will the Sixers make the playoffs in 2016 and be a contender in 2017? If they make the playoffs in 2016 can they sign a major free agent the following off season?


At this point, it's pretty difficult to predict with so many moving parts, but I don't think the Sixers will make the playoffs in 2016. They will surely be better than they are now, but I don't think, with so many new faces, they will get it together enough to make it to the postseason next year. It's not impossible, especially with Dario Saric coming over from Turkey and three draft picks, but they still have the issue of too many big men, especially if Joel Embiid makes a full recovery. I think 2017-18 and 2018-19 are the years for this team to develop into a playoff team and then hopefully climb up the standings in the years following.

In terms of free agency, until the Sixers become a reputable team on their own, they won't attract top tier free agents. The whole point of this process is to find top tier young talent that develop into the next core of stars not only for the Sixers, but for the NBA. I don't foresee Philadelphia spending money on a big name until they go through the process of this process. With the salary cap rising over the next few years though, the team will have the money to offer a contract to a superstar, but whether they decide to come here is the real question. 

To answer the original question, I don't think the Sixers will make the playoffs next season, but even if they do, I don't think they'll go crazy in free agency that following offseason either. 

Will Sam Hinkie be the GM next season?


Although the Sixers have brought Jerry Colangelo into the mix, I wouldn't expect the front office to make any big moves with management until after next season pans out. As I mentioned before, there are a ton of moving parts with three potential first round picks and the addition of both Joel Embiid and Dario Saric, so it's unlikely Sam Hinkie isn't here to see this thing through, especially since he's the architect behind it all.

When he was brought into the mix, he said that it would take three to five years for things to take shape and this upcoming offseason is the one that the Sixers have to nail, primarily the draft, because if they somehow manage to mess things up on draft night, winning days in Philadelphia will be further away than we ever thought they'd be. I think the ownership is still behind Hinkie, but that trust could go away quickly if things don't improve vastly next season. 

Come next season, what sort of role could Jerami Grant be stuck in with all of the possible additions via the draft and Embiid, Saric?


This season, Grant is one of the most intriguing players. Out of all of the second year players, he seems to be the one developing the best, despite his inability to consistently hit mid-range or three point shots. Against the Magic on Sunday, Grant scored 13, grabbed eight boards and also blocked five shots and had three steals. There's not doubting that his NBA career hinges on whether he can develop a jump shot. With Dario Saric incoming and the surplus of big men, Grant's role likely falls at the three spot as a reserve. He's provided a ton of energy on the defensive ends and offers Nerlens Noel type rim protection. 

I wouldn't be surprised, if everyone goes according to plan and the Sixers get Simmons, Saric, Embiid along with other picks, if Grant is involved in a trade. He still has a lot of raw talent to develop and if there's no room for him on the roster, he'd provide value to another team looking for defensive depth and perhaps provide the Sixers with some second round picks, since Sam Hinkie can never have enough of those.

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