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The Usual Suspects hit the score sheet.

It means two things.

A. The Core is Set and we just need to build around it. The Core is Doing what is Expected... Who is the Core?

1. Giroux
2. Ghostisbehere
3. Simmonds
4. Voracek
5. Schenn
6. Couturier
7. Mason
8. Neuvirth
9. MDZ

The rest of the Guys are all Eligible to be traded.

so yes,... The rest of the entire Defense could be shipped out ... the rest of the 3rd and 4th Lines could be shipped out. Stolarz is still one more season in the AHL (At Least) away from the NHL so both Goalies are here to stay.

I said it means two things so ...

it means

B. the rest of the Players are NOT CORE and need to be moved as we are not a Playoff Winning Team. Oh sure there is a Slim Chance we could make the playoffs but,... Then What?.....

Then What?

We will probably be a first round bounce out. if we make the Playoffs we will probably play The Washington Capitals, who are a SOLID Consistent Winning Team. If we want to win the First Round, we will have to be much more consistent than them. Now the Overall Lifetime record against Capitals does favor the FLYERS. You know the expression, "Some teams just seem to have another teams Number." However, The History of the FLYERS and the Capitals is just that.... Its History.... This is a Different FLYERS and a Different Capitals Team.

However,,... My Prediction is,.... The FLYERS will be about 1 to 3 points shy of making the PLAYOFFS. I Think we will Just Miss the Final Cut.

But thats just my Opinion

and I am just a Fan.

Just Sayin'




How Embarrassing...

Gostisbehere... (Spelling Error)

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