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Phillies video: Votto taunts fan, Schmidt responds by signing ball for fan

By: Tim Kelly, Managing Editor

Though the Philadelphia Phillies failed to sweep the Cincinnati Reds this afternoon, one fan will remember the game for forever. 

After Reds first-baseman Joey Votto pretended to toss a ball to a Phillies fan at the end of an inning, Phillies Hall of Fame third-baseman and current announcer Mike Schmidt took exception to Votto teasing the young fan. So Schmidt signed a ball for the fan, and had former MLB catcher and current Phillies announcer Ben Davis  deliver the ball to the young fan.

Votto is a four-time All-Star, who has won a National League MVP, but a ball tossed by him pales in comparison to the value of a ball signed by Schmidt, who was an All-Star 12 times in his 18-year career and won four league MVPs. 

Votto faked out fans another time, which led the Reds and Phillies Twitter accounts to have this exchange. 

To be fair, if Chase Utley or Cliff Lee had done something like this at an opposing park during the Phillies peak seasons, it would have been one of the more embraced moments in the team's history. And the Reds, including Votto, were swept by the Phillies in the 2010 NLDS, a series that feels rather insignificant to the Phillies, but probably burns more for the Reds and their fans. So, Votto and the Reds got to have their moment, while a lucky kid got a ball signed by arguably the greatest third-baseman of all-time. Everyone won today. 


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Dumb as a doorknob for such a talented player to do such a thing to a kid when MLB is trying desperately to rebuild the game with youth. He has cross-hairs on his back at CBP forever.


Tim Kelly , you are a Moron.."Too Be Fair"???? Your team loses six seasons ago and you are teasing a Kid (Bullying in Public) and You Say "To Be Fair" When I was acid I went Hungry a few times because My dad was too sick to work..So i guess Now I should go taunt a homeless person with a steak? Dude why would you write something like that..Votto's team lost fair and square and he now has the right "To Be Fair" and torment, embarrass and disappoint tow innocent kids in public..based on the "no Bullying or taunting" wave that is being preached in this country I hope that the MLB slaps Votto with a fine and or suspension, and makes him apologize publicly to those kids…. Which is worse Votto's Actions or you trying to justify them? My 11,000 members of my local social group will be advised not to read "Philliedelphia" Because their editor endres bullying of two kids by an adult .."to be Fair"!


"A kid" Not, Acid "two" Not, Tow "Endorses" not endres…See i know how to be an You Know How to be a Writer?

John Jones

Heaven forbid anyone has fun in baseball

Scott Leusner

Schmidt won 3 NL MVP awards (80, 81, 86)


Yeah sure you can fun at a baseball game but at the expense of others? Especially a small child. Any which way you slice it, he pulled a really douche bag maneuver. No REAL man gets a kick out of teasing little kids. This guy is nothing more than a bully. It's sad that just because he knows how to throw a ball and swing a bat he thinks he's got the right to treat other people like crap. What a loser.

Phils Phan

Utley or Lee would not have done that. Just my opinion...

Alex Riley

Guaranteed Votto was hearing it all weekend from Phaithful! Joey struggling so far this year.

John Jones

Man he's just awful. How dare he not give an opposing fan a ball. If I would've gotten teased by an MVP when I was a kid it would've made my day. The story and memory of being teased by a notable professional player is far more valuable than a stupid ball.


It's this sociopathic lack of empathy is very disturbing. What's even more disturbing? I'm reading the enablers comments and it makes me wonder if these people are parents themselves? If they are would they still feel the same way? Maybe it's just me being a mother feeling like this jerk has got a lot of nerve taking out his frustration of the opposing team fans' jeers on a little kid. All I know is that if that happened to my son I'd be putting one hand over my son's eyes and with the other giving a gesture right to the scuzball.

John Jones

You're making a mountain out of a mole hill. This is such a non-issue. Getting a ball isn't even the point of going to the game. Go to the game and experience the non-material part, i.e. the actual game and the atmosphere. If part of the experience is getting harmlessly teased by an opposing player so be it. It makes the experience more interesting and personal


Yes,the game is what you go for and the ball is the perk...but,again your missing the point. Screwing with an adult would be one thing. But faking out a kid is another. They're not thinking that it's all in good fun their thinking, "Why did he do that?" "That was mean, he's a meanie". Again I should know because I have a small child. Kids are fragile. They haven't built up that emotional tough skin that you and I have. So dude, have a heart. Don't tell me to not make a mountain out of a molehill. He's a coward and a bully. That's why he went after the kids instead of the adults. Easy prey. Think about that as you defend this man's actions. If you still feel that there was nothing wrong with what he did then...well...I have nothing more to say to you. Because if it's a possibility that you would do the same... Then that's just frightening.

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