YES! Sixers broadcasters Zumoff and Abdelnaby to broadcast Olympic Games


The current Sixers broadcast team of Marc Zumoff and Alaa Abdelnaby have been together in the booth since October, 2015.   Zumoff has been calling games with the team since 1994, the same year that Abdelnaby played three games in a Sixers uniform.   After one year together the two will separate for a very important task: calling the 2016 Summer Olympic games.

Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News reports that both Zumoff and Abdelnaby will be calling games of their own: Zumoff will be in Brazil calling U.S. women's games in English, and Abdelnaby will be calling games in Arabic.   

Abdelnaby is the first Egyptian-born player in the NBA.  Abdelnaby's family moved to New Jersey when he was two years old and Abdenaby starred at Duke before being drafted in the first round of the 1995 draft.  Therefore, Abdelnaby has a unique perspective to call games in the fifth-largest language in the world.

Zumoff will work with Ann Meyers in the booth, who, in Cooney's piece he says is "like playing with LeBron James".

Read Cooney's full piece here.