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By Tim Kelly, Sports Talk Philly editor

In a piece comparing the differences between the trade deadline as a general manager and as a coach, current Boston Red Sox first base coach and former Philadelphia Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. left the door open on whether his future will be as an executive or coach. 

While Amaro seems pretty content as a coach, being a first base coach certainly isn't his end game. While Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reported last off-season that Amaro was attempting to transition into a manager, Amaro told Cafardo this weekend that the chance to potentially be a general manager again would interest him: 

As for the future, Amaro said, “I’ve said I’d like to keep my options open. I loved the challenge of being a GM and I’d love that opportunity again. On the field, I’m learning what it takes to be a good coach and leader. We’re in a real challenging situation. We’re in a tremendously challenging division. Every game, in my opinion, is a battle. There’s excitement created by that.”

Generally speaking, Amaro seems more focused on the coaching aspect of his career than rebuilding himself as a potential second-time general manager. If his first goal was to become a general manager again, there certainly would have been teams willing to give him positions in their front-office upon his dismissal as Phillies general manager that would have put him on that path. He instead elected to try to reinvent himself as a coach. 

If Amaro were to be offered a chance to join an organization as either their general manager or in a role where he believed that he would be close to returning to being a general manager, this seems to suggest he wouldn't decline the position. Most in the game wouldn't. So in his current role, Amaro seems to be better positioning himself to ultimately be a manager or high-ranking coach, rather than a second time general manager in the league. 


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