Eagles Scouting Report: WR Shelton Gibson

By Kevin Durso, Sports Talk Philly editor 

Day 3 has been all about offense for the Eagles.

After using their two fourth-round picks to take a wide receiver and a running back, the Eagles were back on the clock eventually in the fifth round — after trading down twice — and took another wide receiver, Shelton Gibson from West Virginia. Gibson is 5'11", 191 pounds.

Here is the scouting report on Shelton Gibson.

You want speed? You got it. Gibson is, as NFL.com's Player Profile puts it, "flat out fast." Gibson averaged over 22 yards per catch last season at West Virginia, which tells you how he is used. This is a vertical route runner with a ton of speed and the ability to create separation. His speed also makes him a good option for kickoff returns.

Gibson also has good hands, especially on the downfield plays, but needs to be work on his route running in the short game. When it came to running posts, slants, curls and go routes, he was a gem, but Gibson does need to build on that for the NFL.

Gibson is also an athletic receiver who can go up for the ball and has good vertical leap skills to get potential errant passes. 

An AFC Scout said in NFL.com's Player Profile on Gibson, "He will end up being one of the three fastest players at the combine. He's got ridiculous speed. He runs by people like they are standing still like DeSean Jackson used to do at Cal."

Hmm, a DeSean Jackson comparison you say? Sounds like the deep threat the Eagles need. NFL.com also compares him to Corey Coleman, the Browns first-round pick from a year ago.

Overall, his solid size, exceptional speed and overall athleticism give him the potential to be a starter early in his career. Learning from veteran receivers like Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith should help him fine-tune his skills and abilities, which needs to be done for the pick to completely come to fruition.

You can watch highlights of Shelton Gibson below.