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Mike Lacy

Do the Flyers have a good group of forwards?

Would any of the Flyers' forwards be a first liner on a legit Cup contender - or at least a team that has a real chance to win at least one playoff round?

I'd say Simmonds, but that's it. And Simmonds would be a great 2nd scoring options, but you don't want him as your primary goal scorer.

kevin fortier

Well, there is the potential if they can step back up. Simmer of course. Giroux and Voracek are 1-2 seasons away from being elite scorers.

Schenn can play on top line. He had a rough 5v5 season this year but was moved all over the lineup constantly. If he is put with 2 top end players and left there I think he can produce.

If you look at last 4 years going back to the last strike. He has more goals than Jake and Couts at 5v5 and is only 3-4 behind Giroux. He also has same primary assists 5v5 Couts over that time.

He was tied with Voracek for primary 5v5 assists this year with 12 for team lead. Couts had 8 and G only 5.


Your list has one too many forwards. They can only protect 7; you've listed 8. I hope hope hope that they resign and protect Weal. I'd also like them to resign Cousins. He's underappreciated and underused by Hak. (Surprise.)

Assuming resigning and protecting Weal and resigning Cousins, that would expose Raffl, Weise, PEB, Read, and Cousins. It's a pipe-dream to expect them to select PEB and thus actually ice a fourth line with scoring potential, so I see Vegas selecting Raffl. (Unless Hexy has worked out a deal with Vegas to take Neuvy, my other pipe-dream.)

Optimal lineup--some combo of:
13th forward--Weise

Best we can hope for:
(Vegas will take Raffl, Read, or Cousins, if not Neuvy. Cousins also a better player than PEB, but he's got that new contract and an "A" on his sweater.)

kevin fortier

Thanks I could have sworn I took Raffl off the list in the final copy. That was my bad. I fixed the error.

Well, I really believe Lindblom will make the roster out of camp. I am really hoping PEB is buried or sent to Antartica to scout penguins!!




kevin fortier

Ugh hot post too soon.

One of Raffl/Read/Weise/Neuvy will be taken by LV so lines will adjust. If forward taken Laughton could be called up and fight for 4th line role or 13th forward.

I am leaning towards LV taking Neuvy might be why Hexy signed so cheap to make him attractive and protect Stolie in process.


Forgot about Lindblom! Good call. I hope he makes this team. I'm just worried about contract length/veteran status influencing the lineup rather than ability and potential (PEB & Weise). Given PEB's contract status, I have a hard time seeing him not on this team, but I appreciate your sentiment. My mouth waters over that lineup you just listed, especially the prospect of a 4th line (and 13th forward) full of middle-six players.

I agree/hope we're right on Neuvy; otherwise, that contract makes no sense whatsoever. The one nitpick I have with this lineup is the AMac situation. Obviously, I'd prefer he be the 7th d-man or in the minors, but as long as he's on the roster, I don't see a way Hak doesn't stick him with Provy and/or give him top 4 minutes. I'd prefer Manning, Alt, Sanheim, or TJ Brennan in that bottom pair slot.

Of course, if the rest of the lineup falls into place as you described, I'll stomach AMac in a bottom-pair tole.

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