LeBron on the Sixers: “They’re starting to really turn a corner”

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By Josh Liddick, Sports Talk Philly editor 

The Sixers may have lost at the hands of the Cavaliers on Monday night, but LeBron James still had kind words to say about the Sixers and the direction the organization is heading towards now.

LeBron has been in the NBA for a long time, and has played against the Sixers of old and the Sixers during the Process years. He knows better than anyone what it is like to play against this team and in the City of Philadelphia.

Not every game you play is going to be a walk in the park, and LeBron knew that going into last night's game.

His team may have won 113-91, but the Sixers aren't going to go away after that loss. They will only continue to improve and be ready for the next time they face-off.

On the Ben Simmons front, LeBron was very enthusiastic after the game about his interactions with the rookie and the kind of player he is. This is all coming after the media spent Monday morning comparing the two player's playing style.

“Im honored that a young gifted kid like himself would even allow me to be part of his life and allow me to mentor him and be a big brother to him," James said. "I will continue to do that as long as he would like me to."

Say what you want about LeBron James as a player and as a man in general, when you have someone has big and mighty as LeBron in the basketball world compliment and offer his mentorship to a young player, you have to get behind something like that. Simmons has the best possible person in the NBA in his corner in LeBron.